Zodiac Mystery School: Triangle of Light Transmissions

Several Messages from the Golden Dolphins Avatars of Sirius B, Master Sphinx and other Spirit Guides and Teaching Allies

During the late summer and early autumn of 2012, Nina Brown and Bob Altzar Djurdjevic (altzar.org and gaiasteward.org) collaborated to bring in messages from the celestial realms on the 22nd “vibrational frequency day” of each month. The Golden Dolphins Avatars from Sirius B, whom Nina channels, joined Master Sphinx and other Spirit guides and teachers in offering pearls of wisdom at the Triangle of Light in Maui, Hawaii. The three points at which the Spirit messages are received are Portal of Infinite Wisdom, Portal of Infinite Compassion and Forgiveness, and Portal of Infinite Love.

These sessions were part of the Zodiac Mystery School which convened on the 22nd of each month. They were a result of a suggestion by Master Sphinx during the Lions Gateway Opening on 8-08-12.

The date was auspiciously chosen by the Sphinx to coincide with the first day of the new Zodiac sign every month. Join us in sacred space on this day starting at 2PM Hawaiian time (5PM PDT, 8PM EDT).

Transmission Archive

8-22-12: Virgo Session
During the first session Masters Sphinx and Sananda (Jeshua) addressed the Stewards of the Earth, along with Goddesses Isis and Pele. Nina and the Golden Dolphin Avatars are to be included in future broadcasts.

9-22-12: Libra Session
Second broadcast of the Sphinx’s Triangle of Light sessions in which Masters and Spirit guides become teachers and share their wisdom and guidance with us. Star Rising of Sacramento, CA and Nina Brown of Santa Fe, NM joined Bob Altzar Djurdjevic as channeler-participants in extraordinary dialogue.

Libra Session – Pearls of Wisdom from the Golden Dolphins

10-22-12: Scorpio Session
In this 4-part broadcast, Nina Brown of Santa Fe, NM joined Marti Spiegelman in Sebastopol, CA, Star Rising in Honolulu, HI, and Andrea and Bob Altzar Djurdjevic at the Rainbow Shower in Maui. They spoke about surrendering to the divine, trusting in wholeness and receiving in appreciation and gratitude.