You Cannot Glide With Us if You Are Constrained by Fear or Worldly Issuesー5/16/11

total solar eclipse, full moon

The lunar rays of transition are beaming down in powerful transmission of shift and change. The solar rays are flaring and bearing down on planet Earth in up-shift and transition. The old is dissipating. The new is entering. All who call with intention for the multiple rays of transition, receive. This is the truth of the universe, dear ones. Intention, and knowing fully who you are, will determine if you will be shifting to the new lightning speed dimensional change.

This is why we have come to assist you with the gentle assimilation of the new particles of creation that are bringing in unity consciousness and the new earth. The aid we give to you of most value is our sleek bodies that glide and are propelled through the ether. We can move efficiently with ease and grace, with no anchors to hold us down, to hold us back. Pull up your anchors, dear ones. Trust in your human divinity, us, to glide you through the turbulence. You cannot glide with us if you are constrained by fear or worldly issues. All will transpire with ease and grace in all dimensions when you are fully expressed, fully realized. The seeming issues of the 3D are merely transformational illusions created by you so that you can ultimately see the radiance of who you truly are. All of the duality challenges are schools of learning, but the time of graduation is now, the full integration of your golden dolphin aspect. Up-shift the awareness of your glory, a radiance far beyond the vision of earthly eyes. That is you, a sphere of rainbow colors unseen by humanity, your light body. Pull up the anchors that hold that brilliance down. Join with us in the free flow of life experiencing the flow, organic flow untethered, free to play with us.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins