You Are To Be The Love Of The Divine – 4/21/12 (new moon)

Dear ones, as we begin this new moon transmission through our messenger, we address each one of your directly. Hear us in the inner chamber of your heart. Hear the love vibrate in the cells of your body as we share our message directly to you. We are entering a new cycle. Some call it the Ring of Fire, which commences on May 20, 2012. Within this new cycle will be a transmission so profound that it has not occurred on the planet in recorded history. We use those words precisely, for it has occurred in pre-recorded history. We talk about the full return of the energy of the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B.

What exactly does that mean, that on June 6, 2012, the full energy of our celestial presence will be grounded on planet earth? We tell you with such joy that it means that you, yes you, are to be the ambassadors of this frequency. It will be fully available and only by means of knowing your human divinity, self love and play, in addition to intention, can you accept this responsibility.

The messenger is thinking that responsibility is a strong word, but we use it with direct intent. There have been many before you, dear ones, and that includes other incarnations of you as well, who have come to Earth with the vision of grounding the golden age of love. You know the golden ages well, during the time of Atlantis, during the time of the grandeur of ancient Egypt. But as you have heard us say before, they, you, were not successful in anchoring the golden ages.

You have returned, to try again. You will be successful this time. You know this in the core of your heart. That is why you agreed to return one more time. This time you will be successful. We return with you, the highest vibration of your higher self, that aspect of you. We return to guide you, to support you in the work that you are to undertake.

You ask, “What is this work?” The work is so simple. Be the love of the divine Creator. “How do we become that love?” We are providing you with tools, dear one. They are quantum tools that are and will appear as if by magic to support you in this personal work. It ALL centers around your intention and belief that as a divine human, you can, with ease and grace, not only create the new Earth, but anchor it for all of humanity. You are to “Be” the love of the divine.

You have been repairing grids and igniting Atlantean crystals for the many years that have passed in preparation for this celestial moment, which is not a moment, but all time. Now it is the moment to reflect on you deeply. Who are you? Why did you come to Earth? What is your work here and now? We tell you that the answer to all of these questions is known within. You need only ask within, and it will be shown. We tell you that we know the answer, which is why we address you now. You are a divine human who has come from the stars to create the new Earth, the golden Age of Divine Love and to anchor this new age for all times.

That is why we honor you. Do you feel it? Do you sense that we are embracing you now as you read this message. Our hearts are touching your heart in adoration. We know you well. Now we ask that you, now, embrace us. Bring the golden dolphin aspect of you fully into your heart and become one with us. This is how you will create the new Earth. We will do it together, fully whole.

Look for our gifts to manifest to support you. Many have already been given: the S.T.A.R. Clinic, the golden symbols, the ascension oils. There are many more to come so that within the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field together, in wholeness, we can join with you in manifesting and ANCHORING the Golden Age of Divine Love.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B via Anaya-Ra