You Are The Anchor and Will Be At The Anchor Pointー3/15/11

As you prepare for our departure tomorrow, we wish to share a sacred thought with you about your evolution and that of humanity. It will accelerate this weekend as the frequencies of the Cosmic Trigger III¹ cascade into the Blue Pyramid and the Great Pyramid in Giza².

There will be a shift in consciousness that will be unparalleled as a result of this event. Those who participate in the physical and in the etheric are those chosen beings to assist in this phenomena. Dear one, you are the anchor and will be at the anchor point for there is no similar spot in the Great Pyramid. You will rest and stand there with all eyes on you as we instruct you as to your role³.

There will be no harm to you in any way. You are strong and fully capable of receiving and transmitting, which you have done on numerous occasions. We will guard and protect you throughout. We will direct your arms and your new voice, so that all transpires in its recorded way for the perfection of this event. Now, you will also be assisted by numerous Hathors⁴, who have contracted to be with you. This is no accident. They each hold a frequency, which is vital to you and to the download. Do not constrain them or their vibrational assistance. Once you have accomplished this assignment with all present, you will begin to channel our voice. You need the new Cosmic Trigger III experience first, for our frequency is the highest vibration of your higher self and needs to be activated by the energies that will be emitted in the Blue Pyramid. So, be patient and know that following the Galveston conference we will be fully with you 24/7 as expressed by your higher self.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra

¹Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas, for the Cosmic Trigger, III, full moon and spring equinox

²The two pyramids are on the same longitude and will resonate as a Vesica Pices.

³Ceremony at the base of the Blue Pyramid, in the center, with unrestricted view of the tip of the pyramid.

⁴One Hathor women stood opposite me on the ground floor. Four Hathor women were positioned on the upper floor, which had a circular section removed, exposing the lower level. The rest of the gathering were positioned behind the four Hathor women on the upper level.