You are Becoming a Crystalline Adam/Eve Kadman – 9/8/12

The light, dear ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, is what we wish to talk about this radiant morning. You look outside the window and see clouds or you see rain, and we say that this morning is radiant. We speak about the quality of light that is entering the planet and through the pranic field into your physical temples. The quality of light does not depend on the presence or absence of clouds. It is permeating all of the weather that you believe is effecting its reception.

We have sent a message of such clarity to this messenger on this topic that it is beginning to spread afar. The message comes from the beings of crystalline vibration, from the Golden Dolphin Avatars and beyond. The message is being received in numerous locations around the planet and being transmitted in numerous ways. It is as if we are shouting from the cosmos so that all can hear. The message is this, and it relates to light.

The particles of creation, the adamanatine particles, are no longer being received by humankind in a stepped down vibration. The pure, crystalline frequencies are now available to all. The harmonics of the divine Creator, within the sacred heart, are being activated by this transmission.

Open your hearts and hold the intention that the new light, the ascension codes that it carries, will be fully integrated into your quantum DNA field, that the veil of amnesia be shaken loose and that you, each one to whom we are speaking, allow the light to raise the frequency of each cell in your body.

All it takes is the knowing of your human divinity and the intention to receive this life force. It is available to you now after eons of years. We tell you also that the light will be blocked by some, those who feel themselves to be unworthy to receive. When this occurs, and it is noticed, accept the light for the divine. Accept the light for the divine that is you. In time the light will transform the feeling of unworthiness to a love for self, which is the same as a love for the divine Creator, which is also you. To love the divine Creator is to truly also love yourself.

Know that this message is entering and traveling around the world on which you have incarnated, by means of many messengers and many methods, for it is part of the ascension process that you are experiencing. We are here for you. We are you. Call on us. Merge with the aspect of you that is us. Together we will guide you through the awakening to your perfected self with the full awareness that you are a divine human taking in and giving off the highest frequency of the particles of creation. You are becoming a crystalline Adam/Eve Kadman. We honor you.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B