Yes, Even Mt. Shasta is Your Creation, for You are That Mighty – 9/22/12 (fall equinox, at the foot of Mt. Shasta)

Dear ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies, we welcome you all in the quantum field that has been created at the foot of the mighty mountain that stands before you, if you are physically present or if you are ethericly present. Mt. Shasta welcomes you on this fall equinox of 2012, a year of transformation and expansion.

The elementals, the Lemurians, the Masters of light, and we the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B gather in the field that is being created to welcome you to this now moment in celebration of the fall equinox, in which you are now immersed. Be joyful and celebrate all that you have experienced, which has brought you to this moment. We see each second that you have lived in this incarnation. We see all that has occurred, which is recorded in your personal Akashic Record. If only you could see what we see.

Let us tell you how the light has expanded in you from each breath that you have chosen to take on planet earth. The individual journey has been filled with challenges, each one asking you to awaken to a greater knowing of who you truly are. We ask you to honor all these events in your life, the ones that in duality have expressed as difficult and the ones that have expressed as easy. They are all your creation and have assisted you in being at this present moment in the now state of being.

Today amongst all days in this year in linear time, September 20, 2012, is one of immense growth for each one of you. We ask that you breath in the air that surrounds you, for it is filled with a new energy that is brilliant and complete. Your bodies are now capable of integrating this new energy, which will assist you in embracing your sovereignty.

What do we mean by sovereignty? This is the moment when you have the invitation to know yourself as whole, as totally unique and self-contained, nourished always by the people and environment that you have chosen to envelope you, but also standing tall and manifesting a physical temple in which to experience and feel. You no longer are supporting your identity by means of the exterior reality that you have created. You, with each breath of the air around you, are now able to support yourself totally by the consciousness that you are, the One Consciousness.

Today just as the mountain next to you stands tall and sovereign, we ask that you take this image and do likewise, stand tall in your power, knowing that all that surrounds you is you, is the creation that you have chosen. Yes, even Mt. Shasta is your creation, for you are that mighty. Take the honoring of this sentient being and bring it inside of you, for it is you. For all that you have honored, which is right and appreciated, we now ask you to bring all within, and honor you for your creation. You are made in the image of the Creator. You are a creator being. The splendor that you feel, the splendor that you see, is the splendor that you are. The mountain, Mt. Shasta, asks, as do we, that you become the brilliance, the might, the frequency and all that you have attributed to the external vision of Mt. Shasta and bring it within and pay homage to you, the mighty mountain of courage and compassion that you are.

We love you dearly,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B