We Will Be The Message, and You Will Be The Vesselー3/20/11

And so it is dear one. The frequencies of acceleration of change are charging through the atmosphere with penetrating impact on all that they encounter. There will be a shifting of the path unparalleled as a result. Awakenings will be spontaneous and remembering profound.

The acceleration of the Vesica Pices that exists between the sites of the Giza pyramid and the Moody Garden pyramid is alive and rhythmically flowing. It is like a generator that is pulsing with torus motion giving charge to the planet. Do you see what was stimulated, activated and discharged last evening? We have told you of your new role. It began last night. You heard the words flow out of your physicality. You know that the words will continue to flow and to amplify. We will be the message as you request, and you will be the vessel, ever so gold, ever so brilliant. Dear one internalize the embraces, the accolades, the praise of those whose lives you impact. Be comforted by their love.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra