We Herald The Return of The Golden Age of Divine Love — 12/22/11, winter solstice

Beloved ones, on this auspicious day of this auspicious year, we greet you from Sirius B from where we are able to communicate with you now more efficiently by means of the newly created gold matrix within the Quantum Golden Dolphin Field (unified crystalline field). We can also observe you in quantum ways that are beyond the comprehension of third dimensional understanding. We see the excitement of many on this day. We are here to make an announcement. One that we have made in the past, but with regret has not come to fruition as it will starting today. We herald the return of the Golden Age of Divine Love, the frequency which you will shortly carry of Divine Creator. We are the emissaries of this frequency from the royal realms of God realization. Today at 11:11 on the 11th year of this century, the clarion call will be made by our ambassador and others on the planet, who are participating in the anchoring of these harmonics. We stated that this is not the first time the love of Divine Creator has been gifted to humanity.

This occurred in the great Golden Age of Atlantis. Many of you will remember. You will also remember that the renaissance that was celebrated did not remain on the planet. The extraordinary vibration of love was so powerfully felt but could not be assimilated by many and the tipping point was never reached. But today is a different era, a different age, and we have learned from the past. We have given, with Divine Creator, all of the necessary codes and blessings to secure the anchoring of this divine love. Know that this new age is not from the Golden Dolphins, We are the emissaries. The new age is the gift and blessing of Divine Creator, the divinity that is you. Do you remember dear ones? It is you, the divine You, that is gifting you. What a magnificent day on which to receive this divine gift. Open you hearts for that is all that is necessary. Have the intention. Many of you know that we have constructed in the etheric a gold matrix, which is to be used as the delivery system for the harmonics and the activation codes. When you receive this blessing of divine love, know that you then immediately become a transmitter to others.

With intention and the laying on of hands, transfer the harmonics and the activation codes to others so that they can do likewise. This is all in preparation for the dimensional shift and the igniting of the crystalline grid, which will occur one year hense, on 12/21/12. Your hearts will have been elevated to a higher dimensional frequency by means of Divine Creator’s love. When you approach this day one year from now, your vibration, your radiance will be measurably greater. All is in preparation for your own ascension, when that moment for each one of you occurs. It starts today with the blessing and gift of Divine Creator. Receive, have gratitude and appreciation, serve yourself and others in this new radiant way of being. Then move into, through and beyond 2012 into the new earth with sublime joy and play, as you become the witness of all that you have created. So we say again, today at 11:11 (MST) on the 11th year of this century, the return of the Golden Age of Divine Love will be launched by means of the gold matrix within the unified crystalline field. Open your hearts and acknowledge the wholeness of who you are at that moment and beyond.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra