We Declare Today to be the Birthing of a New Consciousness – 5/20/12 (Solar Eclipse, Ring of Fire)

Dear ones, on this day of global transformation we come to you with the heralding of good news. The cleansing of the planet is in process. You have long awaited this moment of transformation for Gaia and have participated in so many thoughtful, energetic ways. You have repaired lay lines. You have sent your prayers to the heavens within your sacred heart for the return of beauty and tranquility. Your call has been heard by all of the heavenly host. There is transmutation occurring throughout the planet. Codes are being released with the adjustment of the land masses. Codes are being released with the melting of the ice. Codes are being released with the winds that are blowing. These codes are transforming humankind, and in transforming humankind there is to be a gentler, kinder regard for Gaia.

Gaia is in a state of maturation. She is stretching and expanding as the energies of the dimensional shift surround her. She is demanding to be treated with the respect that is due her. You are being gifted the codes to assist in granting her wish. Throughout the day and the time that follows, in the no time no space reality that you are now becoming acquainted with, these codes will permeate your being. You will be a receiver, a carrier and a transmitter to others. Honor and respect are the message about which we speak. These are just a fraction of the codes that are being delivered, but they are the ones we discuss today, honor and respect for Gaia, your mother earth.

We share with you the seminal message that these codes carry. It is honor and respect for one’s self, which must precede honor and respect for Gaia. As you treat and look upon yourself is how you will honor and respect that around you. You are the core of the transformation of the planet, for you are one with Gaia. All is one. Timing might be immediate or timing might be delayed, but you will change in your regard and respect for your planet, the sentient being on which you are privileged to dwell. This is mandatory and unalterable. There can be no other path, but respect and honor for the expanding consciousness of your mighty planet.

The seeds are being planted, and these seeds will dwell with humanity. Know that each one is responsible for their maturing. We declare today to be a birthing of a new consciousness, one of honor and respect for planet earth. How could it be otherwise with the vision that you hold for the unfolding of the new golden age. How could it be otherwise.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B via Anaya-Ra

Recording of this message is available here.