We Are The Messengers of The Love Frequencyー6/19/11

The gates are open for you, dear ones, to more fully receive us. We are the messengers of the love frequency that transports humanity into other dimensions and realms of consciousness. The cosmic light body is maturing with the advance of the crystalline grid. The ‘ascension symptoms’ that are being felt, dear ones, are the elements entering your physicality by means of your deep breath, transforming matter into crystalline matter. The intensity of the transformation is dependent on the love quotient and intention of the individual. Not all will expand and transform at the same rate or to the same new level of dimensionality.

You are each unique. You each have free will, and you each have work that is progressing at different speeds. Be gentle on yourself and ask for what it is that you desire, and how you desire it. For we tell you again, you are the master of your wall-less Temple of the Golden Dolphins. Water is the one ingredient that we encourage you to immerse in. We do indeed mean immerse on the exterior and in the interior. You are processing at such a tremendous speed that you are using much more fluid than you have in the past. Ask your inner knowing what is the new quantity that is needed. Continue to ask yourself what are the other elements or nutrition or exercise that are needed as you travel at lightning speed into this new reality with us. We travel together in uncharted waters. Play, play, play.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra