We Are The Carriers Of Joyー5/23/11

The eternal sun shines brightly overhead and in your radiant heart, dear one. The particles of sacred geometry streaming from the Great Central Sun through Earth’s sun, into the filter of your eyes, your hands, your skin transport the message of love to your sacred heart and out through you to humanity. That is what will occur on our inaugural gathering in June. Those present will imbibe the frequency by means of intention, and they will be the carriers, the vessels, the messengers to others via the unified field.

This is how we will swim in the future, dear one, in the air as has been foretold. You seem to be in awe, but we say to you that this has been your internal knowing since and before birth. The time is now for the highest frequency of one’s higher self to fill the planet. This is the vibration, the gold vibration, the Christ consciousness vibration that will carry humanity from the magnetic grid to the crystalline grid, which will be complete and functioning on December 21, 2012. We have come to assist all of humanity on this most sacred journey in ease and grace. All that is necessary is the intention and the merging with the higher awareness of one’s human divinity, which we bring to planet Earth. The journey will be ever so graceful as we glide into, through and beyond the waves of 2012 into the calm of your future. We are here dear ones to escort you. We are here to calm your anxiety. We are here to shine around you, so that this new and unprecedented journey into the dimensional shift will fill your heart with joy. We are the carriers of joy. We see all of life as play and joy. This is our greatest gift to you, love and joy.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra