Voyce Durling-Jones


Voyce Durling-Jones Sensei is the Director of the Hoshindo Healing Arts Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Founder of the Hoshindo Society of the Americas. She is the only Hoshindo Sensei (Master) in the Americas.

Voyce Sensei began her practice of Hoshindo 16 years ago. She was trained in Japan and was the first foreigner to pass the national Hoshin examinations and become certified to practice in Japan. She was given the responsibility of bringing the Hoshin of her lineage to the West by her Hoshindo Sensei, Tadako Endo Sama. In addition to her Hoshin practice, Voyce Sensei is also a Reiki Dai Shihan (Master), incorporating Reiki into her healing practice, and training others to become Reiki practitioners. She developed a Reiki Program for Babies and Parents after co-founding the Community Doulas of New Orleans.

Voyce Sensei lectures on issues related to the healthcare paradigm emerging from ancient systems of healing in the Americas and East Asia, which continue to influence the healing arts in the 21st century. The profoundly spiritual feminine principles of Hoshindo and the techniques enfolded within this paradigm hold a sublime concept of the oneness of all consciousness and the potential of health for Mother Earth and her children. As a beekeeper, she has a deep respect and commitment to the role we must all play in becoming the Guardians and Keepers of the Bee.

She integrates the spiritual lineage of Hoshindo with her cultural practices of Japanese calligraphy, koh-do (Japanese incense ceremony), Chinese tea ceremony, and is a novice in kyudo (Japanese archery). She has added the study and practice of Shigin (ancient Japanese poetry in song).

Voyce Sensei is currently writing a memoir about the journey that led her to Hoshindo, while continuing her Hoshin practice and lecture schedule.

For more information about Voyce Sensei, visit her website.

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