Vladmir Turek

Vladimir_TurekMulti-dimensional Facilitator

Vladimir Turek was born in former Czechoslovakia. He earned his MUDr. designation (Czech equivalent to M.D.) in General Medicine in 1995 at one of the oldest and most esteemed medical schools in Czech Republic, Palacký University. Vladimir then went on to study at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami, a specialized college for the study of hands-on energy healing and personal transformation. Vladimir has been practicing as a spiritual healer for more than 12 years, with a focus on identifying and healing distortions which prevent an individual from claiming his or her own uniqueness and power to become whole. His work is holistic and includes the physical body, human personality, human energy field, heart, intentionality and higher aspects of the human as individuated consciousness. He works with the spirit world, engaging those Sentient Beings and Masters who can help his clients to fulfill their destiny.

As a quantum healing practitioner, Vladimir works with the quantum field of an individual. An individual quantum field is a super-complex Self-conscious system of life force in a form of structured light held in its shape by sound. It exists within form and formless levels of reality and is anchored to Source. It has many aspects, elements, and structures, which are responsible for the appearance of everything that is in our reality – psycho-emotional-spiritual functions, the structure of the physical body, life circumstances, relationships, etc. Any distortion on any level of the very intricate and delicate super-hologram of a human being creates deviations in our experience, either planned or unplanned by Essence. Then, the experiential learning on a personal level creates perceptions from which the Self judges Itself. As a healer, Vladimir explores the distortions and the ego mind’s perception of them so that the client can understand the importance of such experiences. The distortions are then removed. In addition, he offers tools for self-exploration and self-awareness. During a session, an inner fragmentation is removed and certain codes, symbols and data are ‘downloaded’ from various aspects of reality for the purpose of preparing an individual for the ascension process, synchronized with our Mother Earth. Restoration of DNA and healing of the Sacred Heart are fundamental requisites for success on this journey.

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