Vladimir’s Translation of the August 7th Paa-Taal Message from the Golden Dolphins

Message from the Golden Dolphins
August 7, 2011 through Nina Brown
Translation of Paa-Taal by Vladimir Turek
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Click here to hear the original message in the cosmic language Paa-Taal transmitted by Nina/Anaya-Ra on August 7th.


Dear Friends,

It’s our honor to assist you now and here on your journey towards the light. And so, we are here for reasons unknown to you or for those who can know, it will be understandable to your psyche. Nevertheless, one way or another, we will make sure that our guidance has all the appropriate parameters to give you a proper form, which will resonate with your whole being.

It is our mission as we greet you here that we won’t stay behind the wave of light washing your shores, so it’s of utmost importance that you merge your activity with ours in order to make a leap within your consciousness. We came here to bring a delightful vision of what the future can become if you stay focused on your most important tasks given to you by your soul community within the realms you came from. And so, when we came for the first time to greet you with respect towards your heart, we had doubts if it was right to impose our vision directly on you.

So, we have done what is the most appropriate at the moment, which is to make the decision to investigate what’s burning within you the most, the issues, which need to be resolved first inside the whole matter. It’s impossible to begin with something which doesn’t have direct relationship to causes and their effects incorporated within particular situations, experiences or events because it’s not easy to determine what direction the causes and their effects are unfolding.

Therefore, it is said that the hologram of reality has its own rules, which come into operational mode when respectful intention and effort are applied. Your world is so confused about how to create your own reality because learning about these principles is mostly missing in humanity, and so, a few are controlling many. The reason why we came at this time is to teach you how to take care of yourself utilizing your own power, within rules of co-creation. It is not so easy when you feel like the whole world is falling apart in front of your eyes and your first reaction would be to run. But where to run when there is no place to go? The only place where you can run or to hide is within your heart. And so, you are forced to stand up and to face the outside reality with your own valor, wit and co-creative skills and opened heart. It is not possible to hide behind your mother’s skirt anymore or to hold someone’s helping hand while saying how free and balanced you are. It’s up to you how you will arrange your matters at this really precious moment of planetary history.

If we succeed in overcoming the adverse situation of the present moment, it will become what each of us here in our galactic community has expected, the complete successful return of humanity to its pristine state of being. Before it can happen, the transitory period, which has to be secured, will keep busy most of those people who are supposed to participate in creating a new structure of the world with all possible aspects, and those who are creating new human institutions ensuring proper societal arrangement on the road towards full spiritual purification. Again, as we mentioned, it’s up to you to what level you succeed in re-building all that is necessary, since according to cosmic law and order, a direct interference in the development of such a society like yours is unacceptable, undesirable and it is against the rules, which have been determined by cosmic hierarchies which created the laws by which this particular cosmic event will be solved.

It depends only on your personal approach if the event, which doesn’t have any comparison in the history of the cosmos, will happen, an event where your planet becomes an example of unprecedented entrance into the cosmic partnership among nations of galactic and cosmic community. It is not up to you to decide if it will happen, but if it will be allowed through the cause and effect of your effort rewarded by the outcome, which should secure and guarantee the succession to the throne for your planetary hierarchy on the road towards prosperity among galactic nations. And also, it’s up to you if all you are trying to do during your journey on Earth will be rejected by most of the planetary population, a population whose only interest is often a narrow list of competitive attitudes not comparable to anything else within most of the galactic and cosmic societies, which are based on principles of free and respectful relationship toward each other.

If all actions and intentions are based on this approach, and applied in appropriate ways to increase effectively the time determined for development of collective consciousness within the societal order, the imaginary scale will tilt toward what is considered to be one of the most important directions of the future development of human history. We may not let this choice of human development be up to organizers and moderators of the present drama, but each of you has to be active in participating in this process. This was created for everyone who is taking part in the whole process from the beginning to the end, and it is also necessary that it will be understood this way.

When you look around and see the unsettled situation on the planetary level, no wonder that for many people it seems like a failure has a green light while a success cannot be assured. It’s a mistake to think this way, my dear friends! Do not let yourselves get discouraged by the intentionally created veil of lawlessness and hopelessness. This veil has been purposely created in order to diminish your positive intention and to break your will, to stop you from fulfilling your goals, those of the general prosperity of humanity. Do not procrastinate and do what needs to be done at the moment and which may not be postponed. Search yourself for your internal reserves and the causes of your indecision. Employ all your abilities in the process and meaningful attitude. Then, you will be able effectively to fulfill your mission which you honestly have been preparing for so long. It is not our intention to guide you through the pitfalls of your personal process, but to give you a general overview and grasp of the situation humanity is in. This will allow you to align your personal agenda with an agenda of the planet and to re-direct you towards a success of the whole in the process of the planetary development, which is going through the pitfalls of its own dark side.

So, there is nothing more left then to say, “Thank you” for your attention, which you are giving us in order to find your own path, which you will journey at this extraordinary time of human history. It is not up to us to hold your hand, but to explain to you like a brother or sister, what kind of game is played here and what can be lost if this situation is not handled firmly.

Dolphin Council of Golden Light