Venus Transit Online Celebration

On June 6, 2012., we experienced the Venus Transit and the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies on planet earth. To celebrate, Nina hosted a free web event and shared the Legend of the Golden Dolphin, which came through Peter Shenstone, in Australia in 1976 and has been preserved by Scott Taylor, also from Australia. The Golden Dolphins, via Nina, shared a message and energy transmission to those listening, thus transferring the role of ambassador to a golden dolphin matrix of individuals around the planet. Following, Nina also guided us through the “Be the Love Meditation.”

This event and work is for those who feel moved and contracted to create and ANCHOR the new golden age. The following is audio of the event:

The following is a transcription of the message from the Golden Dolphins:

The Law of Life

Dear ones, we come to you on this auspicious day in a moment of joy and play. Join us now in the bio-plasmic field that surrounds you. We are present. We are you. Do you hear us? We are you. Do not be afraid. We come to play and frolic. Join us in this plasma field. In the etheric, frolic with us as we transmit our message. Bump into us. Touch our noses as we touch yours. In so doing, we hope that you will find pleasure and be comforted. Our wish is that you will acknowledge by the end of this transmission that we indeed are you, the aspect of you that is the highest vibration of your higher self.

We come now more to play with you in the now, than to share information, for you already, dear ones, know what it is that we are about to say. It is ingrained in the cosmology of who you are. We have been together before many, many, many times during the eons of your life in created reality. The most important thing, dear ones, is for us to get to know each other. When there is a comfort level, then we say, “Please consider the intention of merging, with the golden dolphin aspect of you.” Why? So that we provide the wholeness, the full, complete vessel by which your human divinity will be expressed on planet earth.

We are here to support you, to guide you and to fill your life with ease and grace. Use us as a model, dear ones. As we glide through the waves of chaos, so too can you. We play together in community. We ask this of you too, dear ones. Come together in community where it is safe, where you can express completely, the knowing of who you are without being told, “No you aren’t. No you can’t. You shouldn’t. You need me.” Shed all of the constraints of the collective that have surrounded you for eons. Let us help you do this, for you know intuitively, in the fiber of who you are, why you came to the planet. You know this.

Step forward by first embracing the wholeness of who you are, human divinity. You are an enormous being of light who chose courageously to return to planet earth to try again to create the new age. We say that it is more than the new age. It is a golden age of divine love, and you are the creators. You are the golden dolphins on the planet here to merge with the etheric aspect of you from Sirius B to give you courage in the declaration of your human divinity, so that you can indeed create the Golden Age of Divine Love.

We tell you, the reason you came back is to return love to planet earth and to anchor the golden age. Before we go much further, we must take a moment to define what this golden age is? It is the balance of the Law of Life. Life is granted in exchange for the emission of light. Humanity is being asked to be light, no longer darkness.

Return to light and allow this light to shine around the planet, but not only around the planet, throughout the cosmos. Planet earth is to be bright no longer shady, dark, illusive. Planet earth is to shine in the cosmos and exude light to other beings in the galaxies. How does Gaia become brilliant? She becomes brilliant when you become brilliant. Then because of the emission of your frequency at its highest potential, that of the divine Creator, you transmit this vibration from one to another and in time (the time is unknown) you will be transmitting this light throughout the planet and Earth will be brilliant and shining and returning light to the cosmos in exchange for life.

This is why you came back, so that the light of planet earth would not diminish, would not disappear. This is a tremendous responsibility. This is why we use the word “critical” over and over again. We say it is critical to do the work. Turn on the light in your body. Remove the dark, the illusion of dark, the veils, for you are perfect. It is your awareness that is constricting you. The awareness of the brilliance of who you are has been diminished. That is why we ask you to merge with us, for we will assist you in removing those veils.

We gift a quantum tool to assist you, the frequency of gold transmitted through the gold matrix, which now exists as filament throughout the unified field. This matrix that exists around the planet and throughout the cosmos in a super-conductive communication grid connecting us to you, you to you and you to us. Use gold to create the golden age.

We return at the time of golden ages. This is the birth of a new golden age. All of creation is in anticipation of the light that you will bring to the planet and the planet will bring to the cosmos in exchange for life. Return balance to the Law of Life. It is critical, dear ones. You feel this in the deepest cellular level of who you are. Today is the day that you are being asked to merge with the golden dolphin aspect of who you are to empower you to become that brilliance, to give you the vulnerability, the courage, the power to boldly stand up and to say, “I am human divinity. I returned to planet earth. I know why I am here. I know my mission, and I am about to put one foot in front of the other.” So it will be.

Dear ones, we come to the close of this transmission on this enormously powerful day, June 6th, one year almost to the day that the awareness across the planet of the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B commenced. In only one year, you are at a point where we wish to grant you our full energy removing the veils, giving you the power, the courage to stand boldly in place and say, “I accept this mission.” We say to you, “Do not do it alone.” Swim in a pod in the bio-plasma that surrounds you. Swim in a pod so that courageously you can hold each other’s hands.

Use the gold matrix that has been created as a web to connect each one of you to the other telepathically and each one of you to us. Reach out for support. Be the ambassador of the dolphin golden consciousness. Be an ambassador of the full golden dolphin energy, which today is surrounding you on the planet in the air that you breath. Breath it in. Let it fill every fiber in your body. This is the way that you will fulfill the contract for which you came back to planet earth, because it is not you standing alone. It is a tribe of dolphins dreaming the potential that is being chosen by the new collective to return balance to the planet and the cosmos, the new golden age. Together you will do this.

So we ask you now to extend you arms and embrace the golden dolphin aspect of you. Bring it into your your heart. Merge now and become, the third in the trinity, greater than the two parts. Be the master that has always been you by removing the veils. Removing the veils is possible instantaneously by embracing the part of you that has not been acknowledged. Today, with your saying, “Yes” begins the activation of the full energy of the golden dolphins, you, ambassadors throughout planet earth supported by the gold matrix, the super-conductive communication.

We will have more to share with you as time goes forward. This is an enormous declaration and enough to carry energetically in your body in this particular moment in time/space, no time/space. We honor those of you who accept, who say, “Yes, I declare myself as a divine human. Yes, I declare myself an ambassador of the full return of the energy of the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B. Yes, I declare that I am being supported by the golden dolphin matrix across the planet, and I will use this system, which did not exist in past golden eras. I will use this system to create with dolphin dreaming, the new age, the new Golden Age of Divine Love. I know that this is the quantum tool necessary to secure and anchor, never before anchored, the new golden age.”

We love you dearly. We ask you to play within this matrix with joy, with ease, with grace. Call upon the newly merged golden dolphin aspect of you for the answers. Turn to one another. Turn to us and together, as a new collective in the unified field, we will achieve our goal. And so it is.