Valuable Tools for the Newly Emerging Golden Dolphin Awarenessー3/31/11

We honor you, dear one, for listening so carefully in the early morning during lucid dream state. We more easily can communicate at that time of alpha state, for your mind is clear, your movements are calm and the intention is focused on connecting to your higher self. We wish to share during this waking moment our delight in the execution of our request.

The addition of the three items to your work will provide valuable tools for the newly emerging golden dolphin awareness. The frequency of all three is of the level of the golden dolphins. Possessing either the Golden Dolphin Crystals, Jewelry or Book, with its illuminating illustrations, will assist one in up-shifting quantum field DNA and accepting the integration of one’s golden dolphin aspect, that of the 13-20-33 vibration. All is in preparation for humanity’s ascension. You and those who assist will be providing a service far greater than can be imagined. The process will flow with ease and grace, for it is being executed from the junction point of your human self and your divine self, from your sacred heart. Therefore, all is surrounded by a gold vibration, which causes the adamantine particles to manifest in what some would refer to as the creation of heaven on earth. This, dear one, is the way of creation, for the golden dolphins, you and this project are a supreme example for others to replicate. All of life, all of creation is to be initiated from the sacred heart. This is the ascension, when one is fully aware of their wholeness, of their divinity.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra

Note: Three Tools Requested

  1. 13-20-33 Phi Vogel Crystal renamed Golden Dolphin Crystal
  2. Golden Dolphin up-shifted gold jewelry with channeled design
  3. Quest of the Golden Dolphin, in the Land of Stardreaming by James F. Jereb, Ph.D.