Transformation: The Passing of the Baton


The end of 2012 is coming soon and I think we all feel it, that there is a transition in energy. The frequencies have shifted. What served us in the past will be transformed, will expand, will express itself differently because the energies that we carry will be different and are different and have become different. The light that is coming onto the planet is not transduced anymore. It is full, fully radiant, entering our beings in ways that are far beyond anything that we ever expected and that we will ever expect. So with each one of us our path is shifting. Our ways of expressing are shifting. Our ways of serving humanity are shifting. And so this is true with me.

A year and a half ago I was given an assignment that was an ancient, ancient assignment – only made aware to me a year and a half ago. And that was to introduce the planet to the frequencies, the energies of the Golden Dolphins. And as those energies cascaded onto the planet in the moment of assisting humanity in bringing the golden age to fruition, no one knew – very few knew – of the legend of the Golden Dolphins. Very few knew what the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B were. And there was enormous trust – the trust in these messages, the trust in the gatherings, a trust in the truth of what was being conveyed.

In June of this year the frequencies were fully activated and fully anchored on the planet and all who are listening, all who have been reading were gifted with the title of Ambassador. And at that point, the shift was beginning to be made because the Ambassadorship that I, Nina Brown, felt that I was holding was being shared by hundreds of people, hundreds of souls around the planet. And it felt good because we are not in a leadership position anymore. We are moving into states of sovereignty and we are equally – equally – capable, responsible to bring in these frequencies, to bring in this information, and to carry it forward and to do it together. This is how we will do it.

So I am sharing with those present, those listening and those who will eventually read, that I personally am making an enormous transition. And that is that by year’s end there will be no more formal messages from Nina. There will be no more formal gatherings in Santa Fe. There will be no more website recordings of gatherings around the planet. Because they are not needed. This is the important thing. If I, Nina, were to continue to write for Sedona Magazine, if I were to continue to share messages, I would be taking away your sovereignty. So I am formally announcing and we will gradually make a transition to this state of sovereignty. Where by I will change my expression. I will change my gifts to the planet, to humanity. Perhaps my focus will change. Even I don’t know what all this is going to turn into. But this is a beginning and I guess I’m asking for your assistance and your help as well to perhaps give me clues on how to make this transition so it serves all, for the highest good of all.

And It is not that the Golden Dolphins are leaving. Quite on the contrary, they are absolutely here. And as individual aspects of who you are, it is critically important that you hear the message that you call in that aspect of you, and embrace it and internalize it. Because this is the gift of wholeness that will assist each one, each Ambassador in accomplishing the mission for which we, each one, came to the planet. That is, in my truth, the creation – but the anchoring and the nourishing of the next Golden Age, which we call the Golden Age of Divine Love.

This frequency is gifted to you to assist you to make this contract, this work, happen with ease and grace. And when we fully embody our Golden Dolphin aspect, and we come together in pods all over the planet – not formally in Santa Fe at the Bishop’s Lodge necessarily, but at restaurants, at movies, at invitations to your home, the difference is we informally, formally do it with the knowing that it is safe. It is safe all over the planet now to declare your human divinity and to have self love and to live in the now. So ending this message I just want to tell you how grateful I am that you have trusted me as the messenger for this extraordinary group of avatars of Sirius B, which are you. I thank you so much for that. And we’re just going to keep playing together. Thank you.