Today It Begins, the Frequency of the Golden Dolphinsー10/10/10

Today it begins, the frequency of the golden dolphins. The announcement has been made and the time gate vortex and vector have been activated, so all that remains is the declaration that light-workers, star warriors and golden dolphins here in their wholeness, are to know that now it is safe to declare their divinity.

You are the ambassador, the messenger of that message. The frequency that you will now work with will carry this new understanding of reality. As you stand, as you speak, as you work, you will transmit the frequency of and to the golden dolphins to ignite their remembering and their courage, so that as a model of that remembering and courage, you will inspire them to do likewise. Do you see, dear one? Now, let us talk more about what will transpire in a short matter of time.

You are to stand quietly, tall and with humble authority. You are to radiate the fullness of your being to fill the room. You are to transmit this new frequency from the Great Central Sun through the willing and expectant OM Crystal at Mt. Shasta, with the blessing of the Cosmic Council of Light to your body and through your hands as the pure cosmic human that you are, out into the atmosphere, to those present in the physical or by means of the camera and into the collective consciousness. This is a moment of spark and light for the transmission of the wholeness of humanity. You will tone the Divine Name three times. Then on completion, with hands free, you will raise them above you to receive my transmission, the words, the tones, the codes of Hathor expressing gratitude and appreciation and acknowledging that it is safe for the golden dolphins to accept fully and express fully their divinity. Today, October 10, 2010, 10/10/10, is the birth of the frequency.

With our deep love,
The Cosmic Council of Light, the goddess Hathor via Anaya-Ra