This is the Secret that is No Longer a Secret – 8/17/12 (new moon)

Dear ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies now fully planted on planet earth. You are the reason this has been possible. You are the anchor and the nurturer of the new energies of the new Earth. We come to you today in the frequencies of this month’s new moon to share with you what you know in the core of your being. All that is occurring on the planet to shift the dimensions of the third to expanded dimensions is the result of your actions. Are you fully cognizant of this? Do you now know that giving the credit to beings of light outside of yourself diminishes the efficacy. You are the beings of light who are responsible. We are you and you are us, so we will share with you, but only to the degree that you take the honor fully.

The time is now for each of you to be empowered in the brilliance of your light, so that you can effect the changes that you came to the planet to manifest. Without engaging all of your brilliance, your might, your will, the charge that you were given before incarnation will not transpire. We are speaking very gravely to you now, for you carry a responsibility, which is the contract that you agreed to before you returned in human form. The remembering is what is necessary at this critical moment in human evolution. You are to ask deep within to remember. We ask you not only to remember who you are, but why you came back to earth. When this is fully resonating within your consciousness, than you will move through the constraints that are artificially blocking your progress. Nothing will deter you, for you will resonate with the urgency of your task.

The universe watches with expanded awareness as you and other planetary golden dolphins awaken to your human divinity and, with that awakening, remember the vision that you had together before returning: the creation, anchoring and nourishing of the new Earth, the Golden Age of Divine Love. As you proceed into your future with the astrological shifts and the planetary adjustments, the light that you carry within will begin to expand beyond your aura to those around you. This light will carry a frequency of enormous potency, which will impact the field of those with whom you come into contact. This touching in the invisible energy field will cause a shift in the frequency of the other, so that they will begin to awaken. Do you see how easy this will be for you? But it will only be possible, as we have said many times before, if you know truly who you are, the wholeness of you, you as a divine human.

In the mere action of moving through the field, which connects all of creation, you will carry and transfer a light of brilliance that will transform the consciousness of the planet. Yes, you are that magnificent. Yes, this is why you chose to return to the planet and most importantly, yes, this is the catalyst for the shift of dimensions, which you call the ascension. We now are talking about the ascension of humankind, which is directly connected to the upcoming ascension of Gaia on winter solstice, 2012. You, ambassadors, are the agent of change, but to be that agent you are to merge fully with the aspect of you that is the golden dolphin avatar from Sirius B. Do you understand now why we have returned to your awareness? We are here, as you, to assist you in completing your contact.

As always, we council that alone the task is not possible. Only together can you achieve the shift and the creation of a new reality. Only together can you create expansively. Come together in pairs and in greater communities in a safe space to share human divinity, self-love and play. This is the secret, which now is no longer a secret: it takes the unity of consciousness, not the separateness of duality, to dream your vision. We are dreaming with you, dear ones.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B