This is The Next Evolution of Awareness, and It Begins as The Threshold is Crossed – 10/29/12 (full moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies, our message to you today comes as the year begins to wane and the new is close upon us. The astrology and the cycles are expressing in your physicality and will display themselves over the next few weeks as the planet moves closer to the winter solstice shift in times.

We ask you to step back and observe your body. Be the cosmic observer of the human temple. Be the observer from an even deeper space, that of eternity. What do you see when you look upon yourself? Do you see what we see? We see colors. We hear sounds. We interpret both the colors and the sounds as divine human potential. That is who we see you as in the no time, no space of eternity.

This is your sovereign state that we witness, your human divinity, your wholeness. We ask you to step back and join us in this view of who you are and how you are expressing on planet earth. When you see your color tones, when you hear your harmonics, then will you be in right relationship with yourself. You will begin to shift your awareness from the physical matter in which you dwell to the wholeness of who you are, the human and the divine.

In this state of being, which can only exist in the moment of now, the events and the experiences that you have chosen for your path begin to realign and your identity shifts from the ego state, living in the past and the future, to your wholeness being present in the moment. This is to be a sovereign being, beloveds. The planet is moving into a new energy, into new dimension, and the old way of being no longer serves you. You have moved beyond the limitations of ego self, into divine human and now you are expanding into that of a sovereign being.

As a sovereign being totally self-realized, you shift your relationship with others and the planet. Love and compassion become the relationship with all of creation. Then it is with ease and grace that you will greet your neighbors, for the knowing is deep within that all of your neighbors are sovereign as are you, an individual aspect of All That Is. This message comes to you today on the full moon, for the fullness of the moon is the metaphor for the full understanding and knowing now of who you are.

As you step across the threshold from the end of one cycle into the beginning of a new cycle, we ask that you do so wearing the golden mantle of your sovereignty. At that moment you will walk into an expanded universe of the divine Creator’s eternal creation. You will see the smallest particle as you. You will see the stranger, who appears to be expressing foreign characteristics, as you. And then, ambassador, you will be in right relationship not only with self and your planetary neighbors, but you will be poised to greet your galactic neighbors as you as well. This is the next evolution of awareness, and it begins as the threshold is crossed.

The universe and the universes await you. They await planet Earth, but arms are outstretched only to receive love and compassion. To accomplish this, ambassadors you must know who you are. You must love your self, and you must live in the eternal now. This is the beginning of the new earth, the Golden Age of Divine Love.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B