This is the New Earth, Dear Ones. Do You See It? – 7/3/12 (full moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies, we honor you and wish you to know that by receiving the energy from Sirius B, you are now merged with the golden dolphin aspect of you in wholeness. You might ask, “What will this mean in my life?” We tell you that it will mean an expanded awareness of who you know you to be. This awareness is growing with each in-breath. Breathe in now deeply. Fill your belly, the whole cavity. Again, continue this as we speak and you read. With each breath you are causing a dimensional shift in your awareness, for dimension is not a place or a space but a particle of consciousness. You have learned this from Adamus Saint Germain.

With each new breath, you are attracting a new energy to that particle of consciousness and it is expanding – in – out -around – inside out – in all conceivable directions. This neutral energy is responding to the choice you are making now in the conscious and the subconscious. Can you feel this? The new energy is the new Earth. You are moving into the experience of the new Earth with each breath. Breathe deeply. Adamus Saint Germain has shared with you the definition of this new energy, by saying it is not vibration but expansion that you are feeling. You are expanding with each breath into the dimension you are currently creating.

You are such a majestic being that you can take another particle of consciousness and attract neutral new energy to it to expand another simultaneous choice. We tell you that your natural state of being is multi-dimensional, or choosing, expanding and living in more than one dimension at the same time. Do you get a sense that we might be speaking about “Play.” Have you seen our bubbles? The ones that in physical form we blow out in front of ourselves as we swim. Use that image as you think of the dimensions that you wish to create. Blow out a particle of consciousness and fill it with new energy, the energy of expansion. Play with it. Live with it until you are complete and wish to choose another dimension, or create more than one, or collapse the first one. Are you having fun? This is how we live.

This is how we are suggesting that the ambassadors of this energy glide in tranquility through the experiences that their soul wishes to manifest. This is the new Earth, dear ones. Do you see? The old vibrational energy is being replaced as is the state of duality. It is being replaced by unity consciousness and an expanded state of being. As our ambassadors, we ask that, in your pods around the planet, you share this information for there are many who are awakening and need your hand to guide them as they take their first steps in the new energy field. Be the mentor, be the guide for others, as others have been for you. The time is now for each one to take a leadership role. Step forward now.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars