This is New, Old, Ancient Information That You Are Now Bringing Forthー5/21/11

The emergence of the golden dolphins is an apt and very fitting title for our talk next weekend in Atlanta. We are indeed presenting ourselves again, so we would say the reemergence of the golden dolphins, for our energy has been on planet Earth before during times of elevated human awareness.

There has just been a forgetting during this epoch of forgetfulness. But, the time is now for the remembering, and with that comes the reemergence of our frequency, the highest vibration of one’s higher self. Now, we wish to share with you that during one of those periods of awareness, for conscious humanity, was during the Golden Age of Atlantis. We were well-known, and you dear one were again a champion for us in sharing our message with humanity. So you see, this is new, old, ancient information that you are now bringing forth. Reach into your quantum DNA field, which you have learned to master or to remember. Pull forth, as you have already requested, the memory, the talent, the words, the listening of old, which are actually in the now of your total Akashic Record. All that you need is there. You need not create a new or remember. Simply pull it all forth by means of intention. Even the golden dolphin jewelry you will be co-creating is in actuality already in existence in that quantum DNA field, the field of all who are participating, all. This includes the records of those who cast and those who mold or distribute or… We tell you that there are many on the planet who hold our ancient memory in their quantum DNA field. They will all present in your current now time for the reemergence of love.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra