This Has Not Occurred In Human History for Eonsー4/5/11

The time is approaching when the first physical Gathering of Golden Dolphins will manifest. You will be the orchestra leader bringing each tone, each unique vibration together into a sympathy of celestial song and sound. The impact will transmit beyond the hallowed walls, dear one.

The unified field will carry the wave of love’s perfection far beyond and even further still. The universe has been waiting for this moment, a gathering of aware human beings courageously, humbly and passionately expressing the knowing of their divinity. This has not occurred in human history for eons. Now you know that the suppressed brilliance that has not been allowed to be expressed, when released in group, will have a harmonic exponential impact on all that is. Everything is interconnected. All of creation is touched by all of creation. When a sound is hidden and kept from creation, that aspect of creation withholds a nutrient that is essential for the other. When that hidden, concealed sound is released, especially after such a long time of repression, it nourishes other aspects of creation who and which have long awaited its return. Know, therefore, that this gathering is no small act, but one of monumental important that will effect creation far and beyond. Each participant has awaited this moment. Each has held their tone in perfection knowing that this moment would arrive, and that they were to be a participant. Go forward, each one, sounding your tone, that of your human divinity. Let it ring loud and clear so all can hear and have courage.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin via Anaya-Ra