There is a Block to be Removed Today – 8/2/12 (full moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies, we come to you this day with one of the most critical messages we have imparted. As we all, galactic, cosmic and planetary beings of light, approach with excitement and anticipation the famed date of ending and beginning in December, 2012, we have news to share.

We bring a message of such importance that we have chosen the light of the full moon radiating on Gaia to share it with you. The topic is about love, but we will present love to you in a way that will open for many a new understanding of the frequency. For you see, love is not a word, it is a frequency of creation particles, which surround you everywhere. We ask you to feel the frequency of the words that we are about to impart. Do not process them, for that will slow down the integration of their power.

We share with you that there is a block to be removed today, a block that is interfering with the inner alchemy work that you are doing in anticipation of the dimensional shift, which you call your ascension. We are not referring now to the ascension of Gaia, which will occur in December, but your ascension process. There has been a block of such magnitude that without it’s removal you will not succeed. Yes, this is a very big statement, and we now gift you with it’s removal.

When you understand in your logical mind the significance of this block, then you will be able to take that knowing and move it into your heart for the divine mind to open and remember. The block that has been an anchor around your heart for eons, which is to be removed today, is your inability to receive love.

Ambassadors, when you walk down the street, where are your eyes? Do you look at the pavement as you pass another star-seed? Why is it so difficult to look into the eyes of that radiant being of light? Why has humanity blocked themselves off from the nurturing energy that a glance would transfer? What do you feel when someone on a plane is moving into your space? Is there a sense that you don’t want to be touched? Why is that?

We share only some of the answers to our questions with you today and ask that you go within and explore the other answers that are unique to you. We start with lack of self-love or self-worth as the primary reason. When you are being given a compliment it is lack of self-worth that keeps you from fully embarrassing and integrating the frequency that is being given by the one who loves you.

We have shared with you that one of the primary foundations for entering the new Earth is self-love, you must open to receive love for self-love to flourish. When you see how much others care for you, then you will begin to care more deeply for yourself. This will be a process, ambassadors. You have been so closed down for so long, that to open your heart and to remove the shield that you have placed around it will happen gently, at your pace, with no rupture or discomfort. Know, however, that with the reading of these word frequencies, that the process has begun.

Look into the eyes of yourself being reflected back to you in the image of a stranger passing by. Allow touch to nourish you as you, in the appearance of another, touches you. Let the words of appreciation from your family, your friends and from strangers enter your heart to fill it with the harmonics of love, the love of the divine Creator.

This is the true key to opening a new reality. For without the full expanded knowing of the love harmonics, you and your cosmic and galactic family cannot create the Golden Age of Divine Love. We tell you that we love you. You are loved deeply. Take those words in, which go beyond definition. Take in the vibration of the words. Let that vibration loosen the protective casing that surrounds your heart. This is our gift to you on this day of such enormous light on planet earth.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B