The Wisdom Elders

Here is Soluntra King’s response on hearing about the events in Egypt and Israel:

THE WISDOM ELDERS (those who ignited the Wisdom Gate Codes in the Great Pyramid in Giza on 2/10 and 2/11 and those present at the Israel Gathering of Golden Dolphins 2/14/12):

Who we are and always have been, are very present now on the surface of the Earth. From a state of unity consciousness I know that we are them, we have always been and always will be united through our soul with them and I have worked with them many times over the years. They often have council meetings and I have been taken to them triggered by visiting certain doorways such as the Grand Canyon at Moran and Lake Manapouri, Lake Taupo in NZ – just a few that I can remember off hand.

We are stepping into the essences of ourself more fully as we are the guardians of Earth now and Ancient Ones returned into full expression on the physical plane of existence and not just the inner planes.They are telling me that the phoenix rising (present at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during the Gathering of Golden Dolphins) is a sign that we are transmuting our physical bodies into light at an intensified rate and that by doing this it will assist all of humanity to come from a state of peace. It is necessary to start from Israel, as this vortex has and is still being fought over and that the peace that starts from within each soul now needs to take place at the place where wars, greed and hatred were seeded by creator gods and goddesses in their cosmic dramas that were brought to Earth.

By Nina being there and the light work you all do it has assisted greatly in shifting a great blockage in the stargate there. I can see that it was locked over and jealously guarded by dark ones and now from the aspects of ourselves in the Council of Elders and Ancient Ones it has now opened once more. On Valentines day being a day commemorated to love all those who make up the Council of Elders and hold the wisdom of ages were present with you beautiful ones when Nina was there as the catalyst.

See you in the dancing light of our hearts delight.

Soluntra King