The Wall-less Temples of the Golden Dolphinsー5/25/11

The energy waves of transformation are indeed sweeping the planet, but we are masters of that vibration and motion. We have come to guide you with ease and grace through and beyond this dimensional shift that is occurring now, not in the future. Now, we return to a topic that has been introduced, the Temple of the Golden Dolphins in Atlantis.

Dear one, know that there were similar temples at other times of elevated consciousness. This is not our first and only appearance on Earth. What is most remarkable about the temples, as they have been expressed, is that they have never been without walls as they are to be constructed in this current elevated period of awareness. What will make them strikingly unique is just that. One can enter a space of reverence, meditation, bliss at any location. All that is needed is community of golden dolphin awareness, of one’s human divinity. What took place in Atlantis was unique to that period and reflected perfectly the awareness of the builders and organizers. But, dear ones, today is not the same energy. Today, we are in a new uncharted epoch of humanity’s experience and understanding of love. Nothing can be the same. No similar temple is to be built. No similar rules of governance are to be created. Flow is the operative word. Organic flow of the wall-less Temples of the Golden Dolphins is what we require to sustain the frequency that is being emitted and transferred. No leaders, no rules, no dictates or dictators. All are welcome. All are equal in our eyes. All are to have a voice. All are to contribute the golden pearl of their wisdom. These are uncharted waters, and all are welcome and embraced by us as we together navigate the cosmic realm of expanded dimensions always of love.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra