The Removal of the Membrane of Lightー6/9/11

Dear one, our ambassador of the Golden Dolphin Avatars, be assured that is who you are. We have worked together in council for the awakening of humanity’s consciousness at this time of the dimensional shift. We have sat together as we do in the present moment discussing (a human construct term) how, when and to what degree our message should be transmitted. All that is currently unfolding has been orchestrated with the inclusion of humanity’s free will.

Therefore, there is no predetermined outcome. All is dependent on the level of awareness of each individual and their choice at each moment. So, as a council, we are constantly in communication with our ambassador adjusting and working toward more clarity of our consistent message, the acceptance and recognition of one’s human divinity. We wish to move to a new area of discussion, the membrane of light (memory veil) about which you have made inquiry. Dear one, you know the answer, communication with your DNA quantum field and the intention that it be removed, and so it shall be to a further degree. Your subtle physicality is ready, is in an energetic state that you can handle its removal. Prior would have put you in peril. We have been working during your dream and lucid dream state to accomplish this request. You will shortly be the transmitter of all of our information, which will flow with ease and grace from us through you to humanity by means of the numerous vehicles that we together established. The frame work was to be accomplished first before the flow, not the other way around. All is ready and you have said yes. So it is to be.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra