The Release of Your Individual Codes to The Stones of Rosslyn Chapelー9-3-11

Dear one, with joyous hearts and vibrant tones we share with you the majesty of this moment in celestial time keeping. You and the others have presented in the timeless now after eons of timeless waiting. Now exactly, now is the transfer of the frequency of codes that have been long awaited by the stones of Rosslyn. The pores of each stone have been filling with moisture and lichen awaiting with anticipation what will truly nourish them, the codes of each one present. You have felt the tug, the celestial call, which was embedded in you before your incarnation. Each one has had that implant and each one has appropriately responded.

Shortly, very shortly you will all gather together in quiet reverent ceremony with a single intention, the release of your individual codes to the stones of Rosslyn Chapel and through them to the stargate and the sun disc, the master sun disc. The extra codes that have presented by means of the Sirian meteorite will be the amplifier of the quantum field of codes that all are manifesting. The impact of this ceremony is to change collective reality, to launch a new consciousness, which will be available in its fullest expression on 12-21-12.

The New Earth is being created today, dear ones, by means of your acceptance of the call to present. Each one had free will to come or not to come. This moment was not assured. It was only to be expressed and available to humanity by the “yes” that each one of you have spoken. These are the final codes to be transferred. They will radiate out to the circle of twelve and beyond to the sub-circles of each sun disc. Know that the unique frequencies and energies are being carried by this unique group who, only they, could present on this exact moment in time/space. Know how we honor each one of you. Know of your enormous contribution to not only humanity but to all the celestial realm. Your actions will change the direction of humanity’s collective consciousness. We honor you and bow down in praise.

With our deep love,
The Ancient Ones via Anaya-Ra