The Pod responds: comments from the inaugural gathering

Thank you for the beautiful opening for the emergence of the Golden Dolphins and pods around the world. It was both an honor and pleasure to meet you and witness your work. Being extremely shy in front of cameras, I did not share. And I acknowledge my divinity and that in everyone who was there.

One thing that came to me yesterday was that Dolphins are self-aware and with their emergence are teaching to become so ourselves. We, like the dolphins need to delve deeply into our waters, mirror-pond reflections, play and rise with the bubbles, popping those that do not serve and allowing others to rise to the surface ,open to becoming one with the all. Self awareness leads to self love….a theme we all discussed yesterday. It was a beautiful sharing.

I have no words in which to describe yesterdays event. It was so powerful and moving. Thank you for being the facilitator for this and bringing this pod together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL you are doing to awaken Humanity for the Highest Good for all life in all dimensions! I AM so GRATEFUL to you! Waves of Radiant Love and Oceans of Deep Peace

I WILL be attending the July 3 Gathering!!!! I am honored to have been part of setting the Golden Dolphin quantum field in the planet’s grid. I am here to do just such thing! I sure felt the increase in frequency! And I remembered some important ah-has, from what the pod said, to spur me forward in my own transformation. I think focusing on self love in July is a superb priority- that’s just cuz that is what I am intending for me at this time.

…Being another futurist on a most wonderful spiritual journey this lifetime, I just couldn’t pass up coming and am a professional meeting planner and trainer/educator and love to share my gifts where most needed. I recently have been more closely intertwined with more galactic energies and thereby my energy field is larger so glad to share. Looking forward to seeing the U tube version… Good luck and see you next month.

…I throughly enjoyed the gathering – you did an amazing job. I was glad to be able to expose my daughter to the event as well. I think she was a little bit uncomfortable as the only teen, as well as by the “unknown” of it… I trust the impact was powerful; in ways beyond my own knowing.

First, let me say, I love you! 😀 Second, after the big push to birth this new community, I felt it necessary and for the highest good to take the time to connect, recalibrate, recognize and honor this new level/shift both in your work and in my work. I spent a good portion of the day after in prayer, personal ceremony. I received an image of us on a spiral, just going up a notch to a new level. 🙂 Starting again at the beginning in the east as we continue our journey again around the medicine wheel. Celebrating the new and grateful for what has just come to pass!

I’ve been watching bits and pieces of it recorded on USTREAM. My husband, Paul, shared that he started hearing whales and dolphins during his meditation on Monday. The Gates are WIDE open!

I loved the gathering today. Thank you so much for making it available to all of us dolphins scattered around the planet. We could definitely feel the love vibrations going on. Amazing how tuned in I was. I was wearing rose colored t-shirt and have a bottle of rose hydrosol spray that another Earth-Keeper gave me a few months ago when she visited. I look forward to watching the YouTube video and spreading the word.

…I feel much better of my BEING here on earth and responsible too…I AM asking for a SHIFT in my being to have the courage to be strong…to change to what I am to BE…thank you for your help too.

Thank you so much, Nina, for making this open to us via internet… was wonderful to be part of the initial pod. Namaste.

What a wonderful gathering you had today and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. It was a most generous gift. I’m sure you’ve been told that the web transmission was very on-again off-again and so the video being made available would be a great thing, especially to those of us who were off-again during the ceremony to invoke our golden dolphin connection. I am so anxious to do that and will appreciate the opportunity. Thank you dear heart for such a wonderful first gathering.

Bravo!! Thank you so much and I’m really looking forward to the video. Have a wonderful day – please remember to treat yourself well after that great service you did all of us yesterday.

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful gathering, very inspiring and uplifting. And so nice to dance and laugh, too. On my way home, sitting in my car at a stop sign in Santa Fe, I happened to turn my head to see a white trailer parked on the roadside with the word DOLPHIN painted on it. And on the back of the trailer was an image of a dolphin. What a lovely synchronicity confirming the important work we did today! I couldn’t stop smiling. And then I kept seeing 777 on signs all the way to Taos, remembering how I had followed a Chevy TIBERON home after my first visit with you in Santa Fe. Magic abounds!

Such a wonder broadcast, thanks SO much!

Wow!!! it was amazing yesterday session. I really liked, felt as if i was there with all you lovely people. Although there was some transmission problem in between, everything was great. You were looking very nice. I will await the youtube telecast, so will then do it properly again. (from India)

I’m enjoying this very much. Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom.

Thank you for bringing in this beautiful work? The energy was wonderful.

Thank you SO much for inviting me to be part of the Golden Dolphin event. It was a privilege, an honor for me and I am deeply appreciative. It was a powerful, transformative, magical afternoon. I look forward to the next one.

I wanted to take a moment this morning and tell you thank you for the Gathering of Golden Dolphins yesterday. It was simply wonderful and validating. You validated the information that I have been getting from the Whale Guardian and Joy, my Dolphin Guide, in my meditations and during the Whale/Dolphin Reiki sessions. Have a wonderful day.

THANK YOU, Nina, for your great work. It was very sweet yesterday.

Beloved goddess/sister, I AM deeply honored and profoundly grateful to you and the Golden Dolphins for including me in this magnificent event. Bless you, for all that you are and all that you give to our beloved collective. Radiating pure love, pure light and pure JOY from my heart to you

Our gathering yesterday was like the great Shamanic healing I did with the Rainbow Tribe – each person offering the gifts they had to give, often spontaneously, and all coming together in an awesome, powerful ceremony. We set the golden dolphin quantum field into the planet’s grid!!! I am still buzzing with the energy of it… Nina, my appreciation to you is for your courage and willingness to do what you are being guided to do. I am so grateful to be a part of it. I can’t even begin to express how grateful.

Nina’s comments:

I am going to have to be repetitive. Self love and human divinity are not easy concepts. I am going to have to say it over and over and over again, couched in the fact that it is now safe. That is the primary message. It is so simple and so critical. -Nina Brown to Tybberonn

Please know how important your presence was yesterday! We set the golden dolphin quantum field into the planet’s grid, allowing for others to access it in the future for their wall-less golden dolphin temple.

The quantum field has been created and now “permeates the planet.” It is available for all wishing to connect with their golden dolphin aspect, the highest vibration of one’s higher self. All that is necessary for a pod creation is the quantum field and awareness of our human divinity, for it is now safe to do so. “…this combined frequency will cause the chaos to diminish, will cause the love frequency to spread, will bring in more powerfully, more swiftly the dimensional shift, which is awaited eagerly by the cosmos, by the universe and by the golden dolphin avatars on Sirius.”

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