The Pod responds: comments from the August 7th Gathering in Santa Fe

I have been so lonely for others like me. And I have been asking the universal oneness to bring me playmates. I feel so hopeful that this is finally happening.

Today was just wonderful!! What an amazing young man/old soul, master Matthew is! My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon.

Nina you were rockin’ the cosmos today!!!

I can share with you Monday more about the profound personal interior experience I enjoyed during your message. My son likewise. We are delighted to be swimming with you

I wanted to thank you and Matthew for a truly wonderful gathering today. It was a beautiful space created and held by all, and the beautiful words from you both left me with a wonderful sense of peace and understanding. I send you all my very best love and blessings. I cannot thank you enough for all this blissful energy being shared by all.

I really enjoyed tuning in to your gathering on Sunday. It was an amazing feeling to hear you speak in your cosmic language – was it Dolphin language – just curious. I would love to have 2 books. I can’t wait to read the book and thank you for all you’re doing for the planet.

Great event – kudos for bringing Matthew – outstanding messages… Good luck with your England event.

Dear Wayshower Friend Nina:
Always a dear confirmation & affirmation from & with you, on the way… Yes may we share this with all of us, in a myriad of expressions. I loved how the gathering reaffirmed the opening for us all to offer our gifts in all ways, birthing the new! And I loved all the off-the-charts manifestations and expressions. In the new energies, our head doesn’t need to understand. The heart is leading, either way. That’s my review of you & your/our offerings… the details are not crucial, as the heart is leading either way! Thanks for living this before & with us Nina. Yes yes yes!

Your kindness is magnetic. It was delightful to play on the path you’ve illumined and such a sweet reminder that all paths converge in the love of God.

It’s not just a group meeting of spiritual minded people discussing possibilities. Gathering of Golden Dolphins is truly a loving, safe, expansive Divine meeting, Divine within and without The Divine. Grand Experience of Wonder! joy, joy, joy!