The Pod responds: comments from the 2nd Gathering of Golden Dolphins

The Golden Dolphin Activation Grid, created by visionary artist Barbara Evans, was activated on Summer Solstice on Mt. Shasta – by Rhoda Mitchell who presented it at the 2nd monthly Sunday gathering in Santa Fe – to assist us with connecting to the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field that we created at the inaugural meeting on June 5th. Learn more about the Grid and buy the cards online.

I had the most amazing insight while sitting in the center of The Golden Dolphin Activation Grid. Following presentation and meditation #1, I had a vision that I was a seed planted inside a womb, perhaps even a fertilized egg. Nine very powerful attrubutes were read prior to my reading and I had the distinct sensation of being slowly enveloped by a cloud of feminine energy. When I was called on to present attribute #10, it occurred to me that the preceeding nine presentations were symbolic of a nine month gestation period and I was about to be birthed from the womb. I stood up and I knew that I was a different man than the one who entered the room earlier that afternoon. I felt empowered and that a break-through occurred that allowed me to cast off some old energy patterns that were no longer serving me.

Hello Masters,
This email is a response to a query from Nina Brown after the Golden Dolphin Pod meeting. I used to live out in the Texas Hill Country. We would often do rain dances when it got too hot & dry. Later, one of my friends there went into “Enlightenment” (she called it”popping out of the bubble”), she knew she was God, she knew that she was all that is. She would stand in the middle of her 20 acres, raise her arms, and say, “I desire to rain.” And, it would rain, right over her ranch. We are God, we are all things. If there is only one being, we are all that is. We are the rain, we are the fire, we are the wind, etc. etc.

It was truly an honor to be part of such a beautiful gathering with such an an “Exquisite Conductor” (You!). I believe that each person was called there to show up, not only for their own calling, but out of Service to Humanity! There is always a bigger picture and each time we come together we bring our energetic signature and individual gifts, not only to the group, but exponentially to the whole planet! When I have gatherings, I always believe those that show up come for the highest good of all, and I believe the Golden Dolphins put out a similar call. What a Blessing to be among soul family who “Get It”. Our pod has contributed to activating the Golden Dolphin Grid so each pod can access it at will for further service to humanity, and since we are all connected by intention, just think of how that Grid will light up with each pods contribution. I bet that has the Dolphins Jumping for Joy!!!!!

It was a sheer treat, that I am called to just the right circles, events, healings, clients, teachers, and friends, all in Divine Timing! So it was with great amazement, that I responded, when I eagerly joined ten of us on the grid, at Nina’s and took up space 9, my Enneagram #, to find the Gift of ONENESS, the actual gift I received from All That Is, at a Peruvian Shamanic Fire Ceremony, recently. This moved me deeply. This theme seemed to purvey, as we are One with All, we do not have to compete, fear and fight what is not, as all is… easy to articulate, yet still a little raw and new on how to embue, in this world of so many shifting, changing energies. Nina & all did a beautiful job of modeling how it all feels.

While I honor the push and calling of many gifted healers to accelerate the grids, and call in the rain, and push and pull at creation, I must say, I am more at home with simply showing up and facilitating awakening and transformation in those drawn to me for this. Over all I am more aligned with trusting the higher vibe we already are, than including the fear of what if it’s not all divine, as we accepted and are releasing the programs of, in birthing on Earth.

I am confident all these circles assist in my knowing, and living this truth. A man named Dexter, sat in the middle of the grid, at the space of INSIGHT, feeling each piont represented a month in the gestation period, as we had assisted in birthing him anew.

I had a lot of self-as-bird, and Thunderbird Woman visions, throughout the day, and after Dexter’s insight, I saw an image of myself, humanity and many, as a baby bird, who has been protected in the nest, of the old paradigm, for just long enough, bursting forth in flight, freely now.

Also saw & felt the energies of the Golden Dolphin, or the rest of our own divinity, swimming and frolicking in an upward spiral, as the DNA strands reactivating, from Earth, throughout the Heavens! We are here!

Thank you Nina & fellow Pod People! I look forward to hearing and learning more of who each one is and what gifts are taking flight now! Feel welcome to share on facebook, and beyond. Also posted more highlights on my blog:

Thank you for responding and Blessings for a wonderful event! I will connect with you and the dolphins via my HeartSpace, today. (They contacted me this week. And yesterday, the glistening gold on my patio was NOT the usual! Thank you for your courage, your loyalty, your creativity! I salute you!

I feel so blessed to be in the energy of Santa Fe and that I was in physics (in the physical at) on the Golden Dolphin gathering… Thank you for inviting me to speak (I am not used to that). I wished I was better connected at that time. Only this morning came the words in connection with the effortless way the Dolphins are: Transformation is simple. Nothing that is loved can stay the same and that includes ourself.

Our pod gathering on Sunday was quite wonderful, wasn’t it? I was happy to be a part of it. And it took me some time to “come down” from all that energy. I’m sure the grid happened appropriately. More than one person noticed and commented that each person who spoke was in the right place! Fascinating. And I had been guided quite clearly to use 3 minutes for meditation with each of the 10 attributes. (Written by the person who presented the grid activation to the gathering) I guess it doesn’t do to hurry a gestation! Wasn’t the man in the center position’s experience and report of it wonderful? I am somewhat awed and certainly touched.

One attendee, who would like to remain anonymous, shared insight she received about the Pods while the Golden Dolphin Grid was being activated, at which time a translucent silver/platinum dolphin rested on her chest and telepathically communicated to her through her third eye. The information she received was that each golden dolphin pod represents a ring around Gaia. All of the pods are the foundational support for the fifth dimension. The pods contain a vacuum that is assisting in raising humanity from the third dimension to the fifth. Meanwhile, I began to understand that the grid is holographic and enterdimensional as well as a sphere of the Flower of Life. It contains the six pointed star or the merging of the human self with the divine self. For me, the exterior triangle represents the golden dolphin aspect and the individual on the bottom and the product of that union at the top. While journaling, I asked the Golden Dolphins to elaborate on these insights. Their fascinating response is in the following Journal post: Play with Us, Dear Ones, as The Pods Expand to Support The Newly Forming Crystalline Gridー7/8/11 ~Nina Brown

You know… it’s funny… I’ve been working hard on S.T.A.R. (surrender, trust, allow, receive). As part of that, I’m getting these emails called The Receiving Project. Everyday for 30 days the author sends an email about receiving. They are very good too. And we’re supposed to be open to receiving and learning how to receive. Sometimes we turn that part of ourselves off. So anyway, she writes today to pick a number so that instead of looking to receive just one thing, we should open ourselves to receiving more. So I said out loud “7.” This email was the next one I opened, and so the thought that you would be paying this now as opposed to later (invoice to my book editor), when I was expecting it, well, I figure that’s a gift from the universe. So thanks.

I have to tell you too, that about a week or so ago, I did the “big surrender.” I told the universe that I was going to stop trying to tell it what to do with me, my husband, and my sons. I said, I surrender to whatever you have in store for me. I admitted I didn’t want anything bad to happen, but that I was putting everything into God’s hands. Well, wow, a lot of very unique and fun and uplifting things have been happening ever since. Some of them are subtle, some are more pronounced. But there is a definite difference. And while I have to remind myself from time to time to keep surrendering, I feel like a lot of things are opening up.

Enjoyed this session just a tad more than the first time…must have been the grid…

Nina, thank you for the time we shared and the gift of knowledge. My legs felt as though they were simply water for hours afterwards.

You really have got the Golden Dolphins Flying…