The Pod Gathers for the Seminal Gathering of Golden Dolphinsー4/2/11

The pod gathers, dear one, for the seminal gathering of golden dolphins. You hear and feel our presence, and this will occur for the participants as well. You now identify the sound in your head as sonar, and so it is. We have been transmitting to you on an ever-increasing basis so that as the messenger, you will know profoundly the words that we wish conveyed. We are together on the cusp of a new age, a new era, which we have transmitted many times, one of wholeness.

That is the foundational piece, the wholeness of one’s humanity and one’s divinity. It has been eons since this frequency has been expressed. It is returning. That is the Ascension, when one is fully realized, fully vibrating with a quantum DNA field that is completely activated, with a balanced, pure 13/20/33 auric circuitry in place. What miracles can one then manifest with ease and grace! Do you see dear one? It has such simplicity to it, the elements of the Ascension. To ascend with the dolphins has just been described. The tool to accomplish this is intention, knowing who you are and the power given to you by means of appreciation and gratitude, always the message of the dolphins and the Hathors. All that remains is to share this message, and that is one of the most important reasons that you, dear one, came to the planet to speak. The message is simple, “Who are you?” The answer to that question, when fully expressed is the Ascension. You are fully human, and you are fully divine, radiating in a crystalline field with all of the glory of the aspect of your golden dolphin self. Now is the time to remember. You have expressed this aspect of you before. In the time of Lemuria, that was your full golden dolphin radiance to which you are retuning, but returning with the expanded akashic experience that has been acquired during your sojourn in the chosen realm of density, of duality. The lessons, the experiences that have been acquired, thought challenging for the human self, which ran this course alone, have been immeasurable. The combining now, the return to wholeness now, integrates all of those lessons, all of that wisdom with the divine self. What an enormous being you have become. Do you see dear one? You have returned full circle to where you were in Lemuria, but with all of the experiences of the golden age of Atlantis, the wars, conflict, peace and joy, all of the varied aspects of duality, to have moved up on the tremendous spiral of life. As you now know, the spiral of life is a journey not a destination, even when that life transitions to another radiant form, the journey continues. We love you and the courage that it has taken to return to Earth to assist humanity at this time of the Ascension. That is who the golden dolphins are, the pod of beings who are on the planet to assist humanity in actualizing the radiance of themselves, that in many cases is deeply hidden. But, with the stretching of Gaia, with the solar flares, with the crystalline grid replacing the magnetic grid, the awakening is accelerating for humanity. The golden dolphin awareness is here to assist.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra