The Perfection of the Divine Creator is Within You – 3/12/12 (Spring Equinox)

Dear ones, on the planet, at this moment in time, are the emerging golden dolphins. You know in the core of your essence who they are. They are you, the ones attracted to this message. You are the former lightworkers who have so valiantly trod the earth working with grids and shifting energy at the sacred power nodes on Gaia. We have come to honor you for the work that you have done to prepare for this moment in this planetary and celestial epoch. Without your courage and your dedication, the frequencies on Earth would not be at the level that they are. Without the frequencies being at the level that they are, the return of love to the planet would not have been possible. The love vibration has increased, and it was possible because of you, so we bow to you.

Now, we come today as the birth of spring is heralded by all across the lands. We come to you to say that there is a greater love vibration that awaits your remembering, that of the Divine Creator. You carry these harmonics in your sacred heart. Do you hear our words? You are a divine human, a spark of the Divine. Why would that not be so? As the flowers begin to appear, as the roses anticipate the escape of their scent to gift those around them, let the awareness of your human divinity blossom and escape to those around you. We are asking fervently that you declare your human divinity, now, as the light becomes stronger. We ask that you declare your divinity and shout it to the stars above so that the whole cosmos can hear you.

This is a time of unfolding, of emerging from slumber. We ask that you do the same, for it is safe dear ones. It is safe. With this declaration, you will ignite the frequency, the awareness and remembering in your quantum DNA field. It will come alive with knowing. You will ascend to a higher and higher level of vibration reaching for the harmonics that are deep within your being, deep within your sacred heart.

The perfection of the Divine Creator is within you. Reach, stretch like the young blossom on the tree. Use this metaphor of spring to give you the vitality to awaken. As you grow into the new tender skin of remembering, you will begin to shift your reality and your manifestations. Dear ones, this is how you will create the New Earth, with this blooming vibration of your divinity. Breath it in. Let it expand your lungs, your cells. Let the breath of spring give you the blessing that you so rightly deserve. You have returned to planet earth for this moment, spring equinox, 2012, the unfolding of your awareness of who you truly are, a god, a goddess coming forth from hibernation to dazzle the cosmos in the brilliance of your “Being!”

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra