The New Christos Human is Being Born as We Speak – 10/26/11 (new moon)

Dear ones, in this new moon frequency that is permeating your planet, we come to you in great joy to share a message of extreme importance. We choose this day especially because of the new beginning that it announces. It is indeed a new beginning for humanity and all the sentient beings on earth. You ask what it is about which we convey, and we say that it is about you, the new Christos human that is being born as we speak.

There is a new beginning in the awareness of you that is the integration of your human and divine self. It begins today. The alignment of the planets, the alignment of the frequencies and the intention of each one of you has shifted exponentially toward this goal. It will be with more ease and grace that you will become aware of your human divinity. The path has been made smoother. All you need do is have the pure intention, and the quantum DNA field, that is you, will assist on this journey with ease and grace.

Obstacles have been present until now, but they have been removed. All you need do is have the pure intention, and we say that, with that pure intention, entering into the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field (unified crystalline field), the outcome will be assured. To do so in the collective consciousness is not assured. Do you understand? There are too many negative forces that wish to keep you in their vice in the collective consciousness. We are showing you little by little the way out. There is now a place to go. You have created it with your intention, and it is growing.

Within this new field are treasures beyond the capacity of the mind to conceive of. But as your remembering returns, all about which we speak will reappear in your awareness. The field is filled with quantum tools long ago used for enlightenment and then forgotten as the force of the collective grew around you. Shed that force. Walk into the light, and the remembering will return. It will return with ease and grace within the quantum field of the Golden Dolphins. We are there waiting to embrace you, to serve you, to honor you, For you are great masters of light, who have forgotten who you are.

So in closing, we say that today, a new beginning is available to all of humanity. Walk into the new field of enlightenment, the crystalline unified field and put on your mantle of gold. Be the divine human that is your birthright. Hold the staff of power and love and go forth to create the new earth. We walk with you, we glide with you in ease and grace.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra