The Light is Different on Your Planet – new moon, partial eclipse – 11/25/11

Dear ones, the light is different on your planet. The light that carries the frequencies of creation is about what we speak. With the shifting of the planetary bodies, light is impacted and its refraction altered to allow for the pure love frequencies of the Christ consciousness to radiate at a different amperage. Why do we call this to your attention today on the new moon? The answer you know, and it need not be expressed – it is the new that enters with each new moon. The new is the frequency of change, accelerated change. There has been much talk about the change in dimension, or the dimensional shift, often called the ascension. The catalyst for this change is frequency.

As the frequency enters your planet from the changing astral bodies, so too does the potential for humanity’s frequency change. You have the opportunity, with intention, to internalize this frequency change to up-shift you quantum DNA field. Take advantage of each auspicious day that occurs during the next year, as you approach the climax of planetary alignment and frequency input. We note that all is about intention, for the frequency may be present, but will have no impact without intention. You see we can provide the tools, but without your intentional desire, there can be no upward movement or change in vibration. It again is all about you, dear ones. We tell you about what is occurring, so that you can have the conscious opportunity to participate, even though on an intuitive and subconscious level you truly know all that we share. What is the importance of this message? You see, it is all about manifesting responsibly.

As your frequency raises, so too does the frequency of your intention and thus your manifestation. We are, therefore, speaking about manifesting heaven on earth or the new earth. This cannot be accomplished when one is vibrating in the density of duality. Only with the highest vibration of one’s quantum field, in which resides your higher self, the quantum you that does not fit in your physical skin, can you change your reality and move into the new earth quantum field of pure love and light, of bliss, your natural state of being. So to summarize, we say that today, new moon, with intention one can access the frequencies from the planetary bodies to assist you in raising your field’s vibration so that you can manifest responsibly the new earth. Rejoice in this knowing, for it is always you, who creates your reality, and you are now creating a new blissful reality of the ascension. Today is a significant moment in this process. We are thankful, at this time of thanksgiving, that you have chosen to come to the planet in order to be of service to all of humanity in this regard. Thank you, dear ones.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra