The Gold Vibration of Your Divinity Is Who You Areー3/29/11

We welcome you to our gathering, dear one. The golden pod has gathered to be with you each time you write or speak. We will infuse the messenger with a golden light, which will activate the pineal gland, thus allowing a deeper remembering of ancient wisdom long forgotten by humanity.

The ancient wisdom will always be about the divinity that you are. There have been so many who have told you otherwise, but we are here now to share our truth with you, for we have been with you since the beginning of time. We tell you that the gold vibration that we are is you. The pure gold vibration of your divinity is who you are here on planet Earth to remember that frequency that has been long cloaked. When you fully accept, that will be the moment of your ascension. You will then be fully expressing yourself with no barriers of duality to hide your brilliance. The steps to acceptance are simple. Surrender to the knowing that you knew. Trust in the enormity of who you are. Allow all of you to present itself to the awaiting world, and receive the honor due you for this journey you are taking at this time of humanity’s awakening. Again the word is S.T.A.R., which results finally in acceptance. When that occurs, the gold vibration of you as a golden dolphin will radiate and shine with such might and gentle power that you will truly know that you are all that is, expressing in human form on planet Earth with pure love.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra