The Gatherings Will Be the Fuel for Implementation of The Mastery of Impeccabilityー4/19/11

We rejoice, dear one, golden dolphin that you are, that you synthesised the words of Archangel Metatron this morning in a statement of purpose. We love your use of the words,’ human divinity muscle.” All muscles need exercise, and that is what the gathering is exercising together, that muscle, so one is strong enough to stand alone, sovereign in their human divinity living their truth in mastery. That is what will allow for a dimensional shift, nothing more.

Achieving a state of impeccability alone, dear one, is difficult for even the most masterful. There is the need for a validation that a group provides. You remember your inner voice calling you into a realm of expression that far exceeded human experience. you received a validation from Mother Divine which strengthened your human divinity muscle. The road to be traveled seems less arduous with that affirmation. This is the role of the gathering, confirmation, silent focused listening, support for those events and expressions that seem to be taking one out of their comfort zone. Community provides that tool. When all are intending to be aligned physically with their higher self, that is the beginning or the amplification of the process. The commencement is always the intention, then when S.T.A.R. is applied to the intention, the energy of appreciation and gratitude allow for the implementation (surrender, trust, allow, receive). The objective is simply to begin. That is the work that we call for. Simply begin, and the gatherings will be the fuel for implementation of the mastery of impeccability, of actualizing an awareness of one’s human divinity. All is about love.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra