The Fuel For Your MerKaNaー3/27/11

The story continues, dear one, about your star seed presence on planet Earth and now with the accelerated remembering, at a time of exponential frequency upshifting. We, the golden dolphins are returning now at this time in human evolution to assist in this process. We are an aspect of each one of humanity vibrating at the highest level of their higher self.

What we ask is the intention to merge, to integrate with the physical aspect of the oversoul. As you have aspects which exist in different lifetimes of now, so do you have different aspects which exist in inner earth or on Sirius. They are all you, and you have begun to merge the consciousness of each. Now, we appear so that your awareness will expand to know of this aspect of you as well. We carry, as do you, the full knowing of your higher mind, the full knowing of your akashic record, the full knowing of your original blue print. We are the you that is fully realized. The intention of the full wholeness of you, all of your aspects is what we bring. In so doing, your new higher vibration, that of your golden dolphin being, raises you out of 3D and 4D. Do you see, dear one? This is a critical component of the ascension. This is the fuel for your MerKaNa light vehicle. Without the golden dolphin vibration, the highest vibration of your higher self, you cannot move beyond the density that holds you, the magnetic field that holds you. We come to assist you into the crystalline field, where you will be manifestors of heaven on earth with the highest vibration of your higher self.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra