The Dimensional Shift, is Truly Here and Cannot Be Stoppedー8/12/11

We greet you warmly, dear ones, today this auspicious day of the unfolding of quantum reality. There is no marker on your calendar to alert you to the importance of this astrological moment, but we are present to inform you that because of the frequency of pure love and light on your planet now, that the reality of this quantum moment has been made possible. What do we mean? What is so different about today? What new information might we be referring to? Ah, the answer is why we asked the messenger to call us forth to speak to you. In the realm of the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field that was created on June 5, 2011, in Santa Fe, NM, at the first Gathering of Golden Dolphins, there exists now a golden cord connecting heaven to earth. This cord is accessible to all by means of intention. You are well aware of the definition of Earth, Mother Earth, the consciousness of Gaia. You know of the need to connect, to ground to earth for your nourishment and balance. Now what exactly do we mean by heaven? Is heaven out there? Is it where you go when you leave the physical plane? What do we mean exactly by heaven on earth, and what does the golden cord in the quantum field have to do with it. Heaven, dear ones, is the full, whole awareness of your individual divinity. It is the state of bliss that comes from that knowing. It is not out there. No, it is in here, in you, in your quantum DNA field. You need look no further, simply have the intention to know. The golden cord has a connective frequency. It is your golden spinal cord. It is us. We are the golden light, the golden cord, the kundalini energy that binds, that connects your earthly physicality to your heavenly subtle physiology, your divinity, in wholeness. We come to share this with you, dear ones, today, for the tipping point of pure love and light on the planet has been reached, and the message of the Golden Dolphins is radiating vibrantly around the planet. There is an energy, that did not exist in the recent past, that is visible to our eyes and can be heard by the sensitive. It is an energy of love, of communion, of unity that has not been felt by us before. You created this energy by coming together. The frequency is amplified when one or more gather together in my name. The name you seek in that phrase is yours. Do you see? You are the divinity that you have been seeking. It is you, and you need look no further than your own quantum field. Then when your field comes into communion with the quantum field of another, vibrating at the Christ consciousness frequency, you create heaven on earth. Do you see? It is so simple. It all is about knowing who you are; self love. Then, joining in that knowing with another who also knows who they are; self love. This is how to bring not only heaven on earth, but peace on earth. It all starts with you. This is such and enormous message, we will repeat it over and over again. But, today is a day of celestial celebration, for the quantum field has been activated by you to a degree that is unprecedented. We feel it. We see it, and it is only just beginning. The shift, the dimensional shift, is truly here and cannot be stopped. The golden thread connects your earthly humanity with your divinity. It is us and we are you.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra