The Day of Birthing a New Potentialー7/17/11

Welcome, dear ones, to the time of transition. You focus on a date, 12-21-12, and believe that it is the moment when a cataclysmic transition will occur for the planet and for humanity. We have come to you to say, “No,” that is not the moment of transition. Each and every moment is the time of potential transition. You are given the free will with intention to allow this exact moment to be “the moment.” Or it could be in two minutes or two days or two years. Each being on the planet has control over their evolution in conscious awareness. There is not a ‘one size fits all” formula for the dimensional shift about which we have spoken so often. Each individual has a unique path, which is chosen moment to moment. What is occurring is that Gaia is adjusting to her most radiant frequency. The alignment of Gaia to the newly ignited Crystalline Grid on 12-21-12 will be a tool for humanity. That is the significance of the date given, but there will not be a mass upshifting of collective consciousness on that day, only the expanded potential. We wish to speak of the day after, 12-22-12. What will that significant day appear as? How will humanity awake to that new day? We say, “Wake with joy, with love filling your heart,” for this is the dawn of a new age. It is the day of birthing a new potential. All of the alignments will be in place. All the codes will be available, and the universe will be expectant of the birthing of a new consciousness, infinity consciousness, where all of creation awaits your command. You will have the potential to create a new earth, a new realm of existence with peace, joy and love. All will be available to you, when you truly know who you are.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra