The Capacity Prayer – 11/1/11

This explains the meditation that is being created by Vladimir Turek for the “Golden Periapt of Dolphin.”

Dear ones, the Capacity Prayer, is being inspired by us, the golden dolphin avatars from Sirius B. You wonder at the unusual name that we have given to this gold meditation, but it has been done purposefully. The capacity of one to love, the capacity of one to have compassion, the capacity of one to honor one another, the capacity to play, the capacity to live life to the fullest, on and on we can go. We wish to expand your capacity for all of life. The frequency of pure gold and your intention is what we are seeking to combine with your capacity to embrace all of these attributes and qualities to further enrich your life.

When you ponder gold, when you touch gold, when you wear gold think in mediation of your capacity. Is it at its maximum or are you holding back because of the constraints of the collective consciousness? Move now out of that field and into the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field (unified crystalline field). In that expanding awareness of your human divinity, there assisted by pure gold, the highest vibration of that noble metal in a state of zero point, you will be able to be fully realized. So, say the prayer in mediation and it will assist you in bonding with the quantum tool of gold. It will help you move out of the collective field into a unified field where you will ultimately choose to dwell.

Listen to the sounds of the prayer. Listen to the tones of this mediation. All of the words are carefully chosen to resonate with your field in a way that it will also become a quantum tool of enormous value to you. Perhaps of greater value than the increasing perceived monetary value of gold. This is one of many gifts to you with love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra