Tampa Gathering on November 6

The strong message in Tampa was, “Start pods and play!” This statement made the electrical circuits go off then on!

Pod member, Summer, summarized the event well, “At the Tampa gathering of the Golden Dolphins we were all playing ~ drumming, dancing, crystal bowling, singing, speaking starbeing languages with Nina from Santa Fe, Katherine, our Hostess, Cindy from Dullas, VA, Jose, Artist and AztecRitual Dancer, Matria Lupita, Clarity and Ruby all from Tampa (with many friends…) and, Jeanie, from Ft. Myers, Nigel and Nickolas from Jamaica and Miami, Cathy from Naples and so many, many more who came to ‘Play’ in the new Harmony of the 5th dimension of Oneness, Gratitude, Kindness and Joy! ~the here and now of the New Earth Energies! And, in that place of here & now is all that is ever needed and is where true abundance of love and light can flow, create, expand…” Click here to read more of Summer’s sharing from the event.

Click here to view more feedback from the event.

Click here to view Jose Soleda’s visionary artwork.

Introduction from Katherine Douville, Coordinator, and Nina: Download MP3

Jose Soleda, Aztec dancer, speaks about his upcoming dances and is translated: Download MP3

Jose starts by burning copal on leaves and using feathers to send the smoke toward the archangels and continues with his dances: Download MP3

Jose dances: Download MP3

Jose’s last dance includes Om Padme hum, which is an amazing combination of mantra and Aztec:
Download MP3

Click here to see the enlarged photo of orbs captured at the event. We counted at least 11!