Start Pods & Play! How to Form a Pod

Gather together. Gather all over the planet. Do it now, today with the knowing that this combined frequency will cause the chaos to diminish, will cause the love frequency to spread, will bring in more powerfully, more swiftly the dimensional shift, which is awaited eagerly by the cosmos, by the universe and by the golden dolphin avatars on Sirius. Our love to you, The Golden Dolphins

With the inaugural Gathering of Golden Dolphins on June 5, 2011, the quantum field (the “wall-less temple” of the Golden Dolphins) has been established and now permeates the planet. To form a Pod, all that is required is to gather with the intention of expressing and recognizing our human divinity by creating a safe space to do so. This work is critical in facilitating the evolution of humanity from duality to unity consciousness. We invite you to take the courageous step of forming a pod in your area and begin practicing your divinity with the encouragement, support, insight and blessing of community.

All that is required of the participants is that you:

  1. Know who you are
    Declare, recognize and express your human divinity.
  2. Connect to the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field (the unity field of consciousness) by means of intention.
    State and collectively share the intention to connect to the quantum field and embody the highest vibration of your higher self (your Golden Dolphin aspect).
  3. Focus on human divinity and self love.
    All you need do is be.
  4. Play, play, play!
    Aside from the three primary functions above, the form the gathering takes is up to your intuition and creativity. Like dolphins, you are invited to joyfully play!

Should sharing be part of your Gathering’s format, upon attuning to the quantum field, speak from the junction point of your divinity and your humanity. The words that come out might surprise you and you might share what you have never shared before. Remember, you do me a disservice by not shining as brightly as you can – that is how we truly serve the planet and it is now safe to do so!

If you need some inspiration or encouragement, we’ve put together this video – from footage of the first gathering of Golden Dolphins meeting – to provide a foundational overview of what the Gathering is about as well as to provide an example format that other Pods may wish to draw from. Another idea and recommendation is to work with the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field Activation Grid and Messages of Universal Wisdom Empowerment cards. We did this exercise at our second Santa Fe meeting and it provided the group with deep insight and incredible fun. Gatherings have included special guests who channel divine messages, cosmic singers, working with ancient skulls, laughter yoga, Aztec dance, and Chi Gong. Other groups are including dancing, swimming, watching videos of dolphins, and more. For other ideas and inspiration, keep an eye on our Pod Pages, where various pods have been sharing stories and photos from their events. (Please feel free to send us feedback from your events to add to the Pod Pages.) Again, we encourage you to collaborate with your Pod, make space for the gifts each of you bring, and play, play, play!

The first gathering

The Inaugural Gathering of Golden Dolphins on June 5, 2011, included 60 attendees gathered in Santa Fe, NM, who were joined via live webcast by 300 people across the globe. Click here to watch the video.

Promoting your gathering

Since the first gathering, other Pods are forming around the world. We have had meetings in Tampa, London, the Netherlands, Australia, Albuquerque, Austin and Jamaica!

We encourage you to contact us if you want to form a Pod in your area. To post the gathering information on our website and announce it in our Newsletter so that others in your locale may be informed, please fill out the Pod Event Form.

Additionally, we encourage you to do your own pod promotions across your social networks. Should you create an event on Facebook, be sure to invite Nina so that she may send invitations out to any of her friends who are in your area as well. Other ideas include creating a MeetUp group and posting to your local craigslist community events page.

Virtual gatherings

Pod member Jayne Mason organized the first Virtual Gathering of Golden Dolphins via Skype in November 2011. If you are a Pod organizer (or would like to be) and have members who can’t attend in the physical, there are a couple of great distance options, including Skype and Free Phone Conferencing. Click here to learn how to set up a virtual gathering.

How it all began…

On March 10, 2011, Tyberonn ( placed a call to Nina/Anaya-Ra at the nudging of Archangel Metatron. During that conversation a message was transmitted that the golden dolphins were to be channeled and their message to be carried across the globe. (Read one of Tyberonn’s channels about the Golden Dolphins and their purpose.) The golden dolphins had first presented themselves in 2007, but with no specific explanation as to why they had appeared. In Nina’s book, Return of Love to Planet Earth, Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary, she wrote of this query. Only recently has the clear understanding been received, that together a world service would be provided, as the Age of the Golden Dolphins unfolds.

At the time of the fall equinox and full moon, 2010, in Santa Fe, NM, at the “Alchemy Throughout the Ages” conference, sponsored by the Rosicrucians of New Mexico and the Silver Rose Atrium, a new phase of alchemy was launched by James F. Jereb, Ph.D. (, that of the Age of the Golden Dolphins. Following that announcement, on October 10, 2010, 10-10-10, at Mt. Magazine, Arkansas, before an audience of Earth-Keepers, Nina/Anaya-Ra presented the “Hathor Meditation” at the request of Tyberonn and with the guidance of the Cosmic Council of Light in which the Age of the Golden Dolphins was again proclaimed. The age was described as one in which humanity was to embrace their wholeness and to declare their divinity, for the time was now safe to do so.

On spring equinox and full moon, 2011, in the Blue Pyramid, Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas, a frequency transmission was received by Nina/Anaya-Ra. She was told that, “The clarion sound was trumpeted loud and clear, so that all in the Universe will know that the new Age of the Golden Dolphin, an era of embracing one’s wholeness, of declaring one’s divinity, has truly been inaugurated.”

The Gathering of Golden Dolphins has been created, with it’s commencement on June 5, 2011, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Those presenting carry an awareness of their wholeness: their humanity and their divinity. The monthly gatherings held on the first Sunday of each month from 1:00 – 4:00 pm MST offer an opportunity to meet in community and to express an ever-expanding understanding of who we are, why we are on planet Earth and the work that we are here to do. The conversation and channel will be recorded and distributed via our newsletter.