Spiritual Dolphin Art

Valeri Dobrev, an inspired artist from Bulgaria, has generously offered to share his incredibly beautiful Golden Dolphin paintings with the global community. His suggestions for use include printing them for laying on of hands, contemplation, and for charging water, which he calls “Dolphin Water.” Read more about Valeri’s experience and follow the links below to view/print the paintings.

Namaste, Nina!

I am Valeri from Bulgaria and very happy to meet you. Last night browsing through [the] internet and searching info about the Golden Dolphins I found the website www.ninabrown33.com and you! Here is my short story about the Golden Dolphin energy.

In the year 2006 I had a deeply spiritual experience with dolphins. I was with them swimming in the ocean. I felt the energy through my body very strong for some days transforming on cellular level. On the next morning I paint[ed] this picture with hieroglyphs and a golden emerald:
First Painting of dolphin with heiroglyphs

The hieroglyphs I remember the same year that I can write them, they are expression of the divine vibration. In that time I didn’t fully understand the hieroglyphs. But last year in summer 2011 I read the channeling of Archangel Metatron about the Golden Dolphin energy and the image of the Dolphin with the hieroglyphs emerged in my consciousness. Then I had a vision of the first painting integrating the Golden Dolphin energy: “Open Heart” painting

The second:
Dolphins world. Royal lily

And the third:
Jewel in the lotus

The vibration of the hieroglyphs flows through the chakras of the palms directly in the heart. It affects the flame of our Christ hearts and helps to integrate the diamond body. Each painting has its specific purpose. They are highly energized and are meant to meditate with them, just by laying hands on them.
Nina, sorry for my English, it’s not so well 🙂

Best regards,