Sovereignty and the Galactic Citizen by Robert Winn

RWinnHd_-_2“Sovereign” is one of the most brilliant facets of Unity reflected by a fully embodied soul. It is a specific quality, a frequency of Divinity available to all humans in this free-will universe. In essence, sovereignty bestows the authority to create.

Created in the image of God, sovereignty is your birthright, and you have to claim it.

To be sovereign you must first love yourself, unconditionally. Sovereignty is the vibration you hold when you raise your frequency and light quotient so that you feel in your bones (not just believe): “I am the authority in my life;” “I am a unique expression of Divinity;” “I am the author of my life;” “I have the right to be me and the responsibility to be me;” “I honor my truth;” “I am responsible for everything in my life;” “I am willing to come out of hiding;” “I am authentic and fully self-expressed;” “I am ready and willing to share my soul purpose and my unique gifts with the universe;” etc.

The hand that carries the sceptre of sovereignty must first let go of all excuses. You claim your sovereignty by demonstrating a mastery of power, authority, love and the right use of will (via integration the emotional and mental bodies). Only then will you wield the sceptre with grace and command.

Once you are able to hold this frequency under all circumstances and events, you step fully into your power as a conscious co-creator being. Established in this sovereign quality, you are then “qualified” to participate in the new game as a co-creator of this magical New Earth. Your sceptre becomes a magic wand (directed by a wizard, not the sorcerer’s apprentice). Your thoughts manifest instantly, in perfect harmony with other sovereign co-creators. Recognized by your coherent frequency and your gracious command you are acknowledged as Citizen of the 5th Dimension and welcomed as a Galactic Citizen.

Robert Winn

“How you breathe is how you live.”