September Pod Comments

Nina, I have been wearing my pendant to bed a lot lately and can attest to it really making a difference in the increase of self-love.

Thank you. Also watched Nina’s DVD, after figuring out it was not a CD. Instinctively, I got excited, awaiting her to don her crown. Then I was blown away, when she really did, seconds later. Enjoyed opening & integrating my dimensional aspects…Perfect timing. Felt different recognitions, flowing through the various star nations, Arcturus, Sirius B, & Pleiades, especially. Then bigger expressions of our mission blasted through the old earth quarantine. How blessed. And we get to be these sacred living keys!

Marvelous! Thank you Nina and Golden Dolphins. Namaste ♥ ℒ ℴ ν ℯ ‘¯ `•. ¸. ☀ ♥

Thank You Nina, for spreading the word – and the message!

Most beautiful!!!♥♥♥


Nina! I agree the event was amazing. I was truly blessed to be there. Thank you for your inspirations, vision and ability to ground and to bring it all into manifestation with such permission of S.T.A.R. Joy. It is always special to me when life streams us together. What a beautiful washing! I feel yesterday in today! love you also. So glad you are being and demonstrating what you are and bringing beings from around the world into communion! It gives us all a yes. Love!

Re: Message on New Moon:

AWESOME! Thank you, dear Nina.

Wonderful, Nina. Will share with our fellow Stewards of the Earth.

Thank you, shall share with my LightMaster Family. Felt this very deeply this morning upon awakening, blessings and ♥ ℒ ℴ ν ℯ ‘¯ `•. ¸. ☀ ♥ for the clarification. :>)

Thank you Nina. It started yesterday ,this process. The breathing of this new light, the increase in clarity, the being out in nature, the need to be on my own these past 2 days. I painted something that looked like an oversoul with lots of ramifications. And after a walk, I came home and saw your new message. It all came together. I felt like inside my head was a spark of freshness, so very real, and the flow was immense. I SAW the column of light being formed in me. So very exciting. Will continue holding the vision and the feeling. BLESS YOU and the Golden Dolphins!!

Thank you, Nina, for your work for the planet.

I love my cosmic wi-fi ♥

Love this Nina… fits perfectly with my own remembering of what I’m supposed to do here…am soooo looking forward to playing together on the Big Island 🙂

I allow it to happen by intention because my mind can´t follow it and see it clear enough. But I have faith. Thanks for this, with my warm and deep love to you…all.

Re: Message on 9/22/12:

Thank you Nina & Golden Dolphins, I am able to see the Rocky Mtns. from my home, so I add their energy to this proud and powerful portrait we have created together as I honor all of us with every new breath I take, as I honor myself. Peace, blessings and ♥ ℒ ℴ ν ℯ ‘¯ ‘•. ¸. ☀ ♥ Namaste

I live in the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains – peace and healing energy to you! Namaste

Wow I love this! And I have been wanting to take a trip up to Mt Shasta. Now I know why. Thank you ♥

From the Shomron mountain in Israel I join you too. I felt the shift. I can see a Rose Spiral around me. I OWN MY OWN DIVINITY. So good, so very peaceful. Love you Nina. It’s such an encouragement to read your messages. Thank you!!!

WOW! As I sit here and write I am so full of joy at receiving my dolphin pendant. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU. I immediately put it on and am wearing it with the utmost gratitude and love for such a wonderful energy that has been gifted to me. My heart is full and my eyes are wet :o) with much appreciation and gratitude.