September 2 Gathering of Golden Dolphins in Santa Fe

The September Santa Fe Gathering of Golden Dolphins had a wonderful turn-out. Alison Stratman shared her amazing Golden Dolphin quilt, an inspired and inspiring labor of love, and presented on the topic of Sound Healing. She played crystal bowls and introduced vocal toning as an excellent way to ground (the lower chakras) and access the Golden Dolphin quantum field while toning the higher chakras. She also shared a wonderful presentation on The Lemurian Choir which works with toning to stimulate the pineal gland, what this toning does, and how they can be used to affect all of humanity.

Listen to Alison Stratman: Grounding with crystal bowls here.

Listen to Alison Stratman: Feedback after the grounding here.

Listen to Alison Stratman: Lemurian Choir presentation here.

Here are some things Nina shared about various pictures from the slideshow from the September 2 Gathering of Golden Dolphins:

The quilt was designed and stitched by Alison. It will be complete when she adds some rubies. It is a masterful work of art filled with love for her golden dolphin aspect and that of others.

We sang the name of the person in the chair three times while thinking of their chosen color and quality. (pictures shows Raphael Weisman seated)

Nathalie Bonnard (shown seated, wearing white) conducted and instructed us on Kundalini Yoga.

With our legs crossed over our neighbor’s, our hand on the back of their heart, our heads on their shoulders and our other hand holding theirs, we listened to crystal bowls and toned our name. On completion, we raised our hands like an unfolding flower. (group photos, lead by Ahara Vatter)