Science Behind How a Golden Dolphin Pod Changes Neural Synapses

When we connect to the new golden dolphin quantum field, the awareness of our human divinity, in a space of safety and community, we create a thought that becomes more real than experience, which signals new genes to fire thus shifting our reality. We shift the old chemistry of “we can’t, we shouldn’t, we aren’t” to we are divine, we can create our reality, we can have a practical application of our greatness.

“Personality: How we think, act or feel, which creates our personal reality. If we change one aspect, the body has to change to walk into a new reality.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

So, if we tell our body of our human divinity, we change our reality to allow us to apply our greatness.

Lilou Mace interviews Dr Joe Dispenza – Evolving the brain to experience a new reality.