Santa Fe Gathering on March 4

Debbie M. Simerl, M.S.W. was the grounding person for the gathering. She spoke about her experience with whales and contributed a recording of whale songs to our energy! Listen to Debbie and the whales:

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Alison Stratman talked about the planetary impact of the 120 who went to Egypt with the Earthkeeper pilgrimage and the continuing inspiration to radiate love and connect with others. Hear Alison’s talk:

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Rhoda Mitchell shared about Egypt and Israel. Hear Rhoda’s talk:

Nina spoke about the Wisdom Gate codes. Listen here:

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Nina also shared about her epxerience in receiving a transmission from Isis for the first time – a transmission of the Divine Feminine. Listen here:

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Pod Comments

Thank you so much wonderful Nina! Yesterdays gathering’s energies shifted me, uplifted me (after wondering if I ever will do my life’s work/play this lifetime.) I was dancing and singing this am, reinspired more than ever. Blessings in your and our journies, Janicedolphin and thank you for acknowledging me as the Dolphinlady! Also I felt love for 1st time in along time. Wahoo!

Yesterday was off the charts, and we really enjoyed it all. Of course I will be at the Gathering of Golden Dolphins on April 1st. Enjoy linking and sharing the energies abroad!

Hey Nina! I just want to thank you for yesterday! I had the best time and I realize that I have been pretty much alone with my beliefs…..I feel like I am a part of an amazing community now and that warms my heart. Have a GREAT trip to the Netherlands!

Thank you again for all that YOU ARE and ALL THAT you assist others TO BE. I am truly honored to be in this community to learn and grow.

Thank you so much! This message makes me happy. The feeling of appreciation and honour is mutual. Besides of this, I also want to thank you for the information on your website…by reading/listening it, it’s like coming home!

Nina, Sunday was very special. I loved that we had so many young people present. It was wonderful to see how some of the things we have all been dreaming about are now being manifested – the new education systems, the changing of water, abundance thinking, etc. And it was so important that the young people acknowledged that they could not be doing what they are doing without the seeding, the groundwork that we have been doing all of this lifetime, and probably the ones before. We are truly all one.

Good Morning Nina, I am still “flying” from the profound love, joy and beauty you so eloquently bring to this planet and beyond. Meeting you was and is a great gift from the Universe. Your message yesterday of self realization, manifestation in truth and clarity is received with an open heart and willingness to surrender, trust, allow and receive all that opens all of my being to stepping fully into the magnificence of who I truly am and why I chose to be here now. The gifts and voices of the”children” so strong and clear filled me with such great delight. Debbie’s radiance and beauty, standing in the light of who she is and Jen’s joyful, playful innocence is welcoming, loving and I am so looking forward to sharing that time with them and others in April. The space you hold for the birthing of the new world, the profundity of the love and light you gift – my heart is filled with much love and gratitude.

What a Lovely group, yesterday. I am glad I came. The young people were something else, but we knew they would be so advanced. Special!

I loved the day. [It was the] best session ever. I loved the dynamite young people and their vision. [It has] been mine for thirty, forty years.