Santa Fe Gathering on June 3

Just days before the Venus Transit and the full return of the Golden Dolphin energy to planet earth, the June 3 Gathering of Golden Dolphins came together in Santa Fe, NM. Here’s what happened:

A sweet birthday song was sung by NeithSa and Maria Piazza in honor of the one year anniversary of the Gathering of Golden Dolphins:

Nina presented part of the Legend of the Golden Dolphin as written by its channel, Peter Shenstone:

“Peter wrote, in 1976 while living in Sydney Australia (Scott Taylor), “I watched half in awe, half in horror as my hand picked up a pencil lying nearby and began to write at a furious pace. The writing kept going until dawn, and continued every night for almost two weeks, pouring out an incredible fantasy/story about the impending tribulation and concurrent transformation of human consciousness, the role which the cetaceans will play in those events, and my specific job as their messenger. I was told this would form the seed of a new global tribe of dolphin dreamers, a tribal gathering that will transcend the old barriers of race, creed, colour, ego, fear and alienation to become the new leaderless aquarian network of free beings…

We have to begun (sic) to live a legend, the legend of the golden dolphin, which simply represents the spirit of freedom, our guide through the reefs of time. Every being who enters into the dolphin tribal adventure brings their own unique contribution, and thus the legend grows, and grows…and the dream of a perfect family, a perfect brother – and sisterhood, a perfect life in harmony with each other and the world, a perfect human-dolphin tribe draws near. Our only job on the planet now is to spread the word about dolphin dreaming and as that dream grips the human imagination, the world will turn.”

Listen to Nina’s presentation:

Janice Otero shared about dolphins and those who honor them:

Norma Tarango, a certified S.T.A.R. healing practitioner and member of the Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. Clinic team, spoke about the Venus Transit:

Nina talked about how the Gathering of Golden Dolphins has evolved over the past year and what is expected with the June 6 Venus Transit:

There was prayer of gratitude and song for anchoring:

Jen Klarfeld read a poem by Rumi, The Lame Goat:

The gathering ended with Closing Toning of the Frequencies of the Golden Dolphins:

Photos from the gathering…

Norma Tarango and participants:


Altar/Grid in honor of the Venus Transit: